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and on the 7th day, he was still writing Nanowrimo.. November 7, 2012

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7 days into the month of November, a month which brings you a world of men growing moustaches for a good cause –

A month which brings you the “Race that stops a nation” 

An election in some country –

And an awesome world wide writing contest!

I am currently sitting on just over 13 000 words on day 7, which is ahead of schedule. November 1st was a Thursday, and I didn’t really get started writing until 10pm that night. Friday was out for me, and so was most of Saturday, so, I wrote the bulk of my words in the 2 days of Monday and Tuesday. Not bad.

I am having a very casual word war with Penmonkey. She and I are old hats at Nanowrimo. We are both confident of hitting the 50k score SOMETIME this month, so are just slowly pottering along, encouraging and taunting each other. I feel like a gentlmanly old man, walking arm and arm with a ‘lady’ pointing my cane at the youth of today and saying- off you go, write with vigour. We will see you home soon. Rah rah, pip pip!

What I have noticed, and enjoyed, in the past couple of days, is the anarchy of characters taking over the writing. I have been writing so controlled for so long, either editing a novel already in play, or writing copy which needs control in and of itself, that to have characters do unexpected things, has been both scary and fun. What do I mean?

Well, I did plan on my MC’s having a battle with slavers, discovering how they are capturing so many slaves so easily. What I did not intend on happening was Mizzell being captured, and Navarr launching a solo boarding mission to rescue her! Luckily 2 of his allies joined him, but still, 3 people against a boatload of slavers?

I have been stuck in this scene for a day or more trying to figure out how to get them out. Navarr caught a knife in the left shoulder, so now that arm doesn’t work, one of the Mountain Men is down, blood everywhere, possibly dead. There is no key to the slave cage, and to top it off, the fight is happening around a great hole in the bottom of a sky ship. Any wrong move and you’re freefalling.

I must admit I am not writing with as much gusto as  I did last year. I feel more like I am putting in the yards and getting ahead of the word count, but I am not rushing ahead with a wicked gleam in my eye. It is possibly outside influences, or pressures. For example, today, I have a to-do list. I have a timer set on 50 minutes, so I dedicate some time to each dot point, and then have a ten minute break. The list includes-

  • Writing my Facebook Document & promotional material
  • Blog writing
  • Social Media work for Ilinga Books
  • Write and review and update website
  • Filling out worksheets examining completion on copy writing & marketing channels worksheet
  • Writing novel

Some where in there I might leave the house.

I have always said that Nanowrimo is good for showing how you can really work writing around your life. I am trying to squeeze it into my writing life, as a writer, while I write, other stuff. And, lacking on that list is client work, which I haven’t got at the moment. I am working on a plan to go GET clients, but I don’t think it is a real, exact science, not for me. Maybe people will need great copy to sell their wares ‘just in time for Christmas?

Well, as you can see, writing a blog post was number 2 on the list, and according to my counter, I have 8 minutes left. This gives me enough time to talk about future projects. I am planning a collection of short stories based in the world of my current Steampunk novels. Events which happen, seen from other points of view perhaps? Other locations which had a brief mention getting some meat and potatoes? I like the idea of a rogue piece written from the Ravens point of view, the Royal Secret Service. That could be cool.

I am planning to put together a collection of articles on how I plot and plan and write a book. My 11th Nanowrimo and I am getting people asking me how i do it, how I continually do it, and what do I do? So,  I have taken some time to figure out what it is I do, since some people are curious and want to know.

Thanks to a client, I have created another package I can offer to clients- the Sock-Knocking Tag-Line package. Watch this space for more!


The Plots are Plotted October 23, 2012

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8 days out from the start of Nanowrimo. I have settled on my three plots, and I am happy. I changed it up slightly from my original plan. I was going to have the 3 plots mingle and weave around each other, but considering the actual geographical location of the 3 plots and who are in each plot, that would have been just crazy.

So now the plots all come together at the end. I am once again, planning an epic battle at the end of the book, and the rough sketch I have on it, it is going to be awesome. A land, air and sea battle (yes, on the waters, where you might find out why the people in this world use sky ship and not boats…), plus the battle is going to be taken to the other world for a bit, just for funsies.

I am a little bit fearful of running three plots. How much time do I give to each plot, and where does that time get allocated? One chapter each? Jump between all three per chapter? Or write one entire plot, and then get to a point, go back and start another plot so I don’t lose that writerly flow? This is a decision I am going to have to make before Nanowrimo starts, I know that.

My next step is to look through art that I have, looking for environmental imagery, character art to represent people in my story, and redoing my map. I enjoyed having a map last year, eve if I didn’t publish it. It gave me a sense of place.

And then I am going to write an exciting preview for the book. I already have it in mind. I will release the preview to the world, get people excited about my book again!

How to conquer self-doubt October 6, 2012

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This article appeared in my content feed today:

how-to-conquer-self-doubt-and-just-write It is a guest post by CC Hunter. It has 5 points which make sense, and of which I would like to comment. Now, I have seen many other ways to conquer self doubt, and gosh knows I have it in spades. I am a professional writer now. Before when I was a wage-earner, and wrote nanowrimo novels only, if I wrote something bad, and no one liked it, that was okay. Hurtful, but okay. Now, I worry that if someone doesn’t like my work, I won’t get them again as a client, and it will cost me money, hurt my professional reputation, and a bad word will be spread about me. Self doubt? Oh hell yes.

So, let me look at these 5 tips.

1. Be Aware or Peer Pressure.

“…If you’re hanging out with negative people, people who have lost their ability to chase their dreams, you’re at risk of becoming just like them..”

Now, while I witness this in other people, other writers, I can say that, surrounding me, are remarkably positive people. I have friends around me who cheered loudly when I chose to become a freelance writer, as if- yes this is what you are SUPPOSED to be doing. I had so many people cheer me on when I self-published my book as if- yes, this is what you are SUPPOSED to be doing!

I have professional mentors backing me up, wanting me to succeed, helping me along the way. I have people who are testing the waters with me, using my services on small jobs. I have been called- ‘enthusiastic’ which, I frown at and think- compliment? But then, enthusiasm is better than professional complacency, I figure.

I am surrounded by people who support me, encourage me, smack me over the back of the head when I doubt myself, tell me that i am skilled, and talented, and not just to massage my ego. I am thankful to all of them, and I have told them, I think. If not, hi. Thanks peeps 🙂

2. Ward off the message that you don’t know what you’re doing by continually growing at a writer.

I said when I started my professional career that I have known the craft of writing for many many years, but now I am learning the BUSINESS of writing. I can see in myself that, jobs I had at the start of the year, if given the chance to do them now, I would do a better job. I am lucky in that I have the chance to grow my writing career inside the comfort zone of a business networking group, rather than throw myself on the knives of pure capitalism where, if you’re learning, you wont get much repeat business.

But, I do grow as a writer. I do not think anyone will ever be fully developed as a person, as a creator, as a dynamic being. You always have something to learn, some way of growing. I am willing o learn, willing to grow, willing to listen to people when they say- I’d like you to say this, or this, with your writing.

3. Mentor someone else

I don’t know if I am specifically mentoring one person, but I do put on the elder hat when I am in the Nanowrimo forums. I am not the oldest person participating in my region, but I am the longest serving Melbourne member. I offer writing and creative advice, ask questions and the like. I find myself answering questions about how to plot or plan, by showing how I do it, my “railway line” technique. reassuring people when they overly complicate things. I speak with a voice of authority and experience because, while I may have only published this year, I have successfully written 9 novels prior to that.

And when it comes to professional work, I seem to be taking on the role of a mentor. I have been having a conversation about how to quote for a job, how to be strong enough in yourself to quote what you’re worth, and not what you think someone will pay if you beg them because you REALLY need the money. In this example, I found a website which displayed editing rates of academic writing. I figured out a rate for a client, and dropped $20 off it. That way, if the client questioned why so much, I can show them what the market is charging, and how I am cheaper than the market because i want their business. I passed this knowledge onto a friend of mine who wants to be a freelance editor and writer, but is still too afraid to boldly charge higher due to self worth. I figure, if you have the social proof of a price, and can beat it, then that’s one very good step forward.

I want to help others. I have so many people helping me, I want to pass it forward.

4. Be leery of ruts.

I have these. I get in a funk and can’t write. I get them when writing supporting documentation for myself, the kind of writing which might not lead anywhere but I have to do them anyway. The suggestion is you should write something else, another genre, another form. Go write by hand, perhaps read something. But me, I sometimes feel- if I am not writing, I am not working, and I need to work to get paid, but not all the writing I am doing is paid work  etc etc etc. See where that leads?
5. Accept that sometimes you are going to fail.

This is a hard one to accept. With the economic situation, failing really isn’t a great option. I fail, then it gets tough. However, to learn, you need to fail. You find out what didn’t work, so you can make it work next time. It is how you accept failure as well, which makes you strong. Accept responsibility, if you can, and then control how YOU will not fail the next time.

When you talk about self-doubt, failure is the strongest poison there is. Doubting yourself to begin with, and then failing? It is a real bad mix. And you need to be willing to listen to, and believe, when your friends, your mentors, people who truly care about you and your work, tell you that you are good enough, that you are not a complete failure. They sometimes know more than you do.

These are only 5 suggestions and 5 items of self doubt. There are more, I know. But it is good to start with a small number, conquer those, and then work on the bigger picture.


The Month of Plotting and Planning- 2012 October 3, 2012

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October has arrived, and in my world, this makes it the month of Plotting and Planning. The month I spend preparing myself to jump back into next month, National Novel Writing Month.

This years planning involves plotting 3 story arcs. The Cornwallis has headed out of the Realm and headed south into the desert lands, where slavers rule the markets and nomads ride on magnificent prehistoric beasts. Meanwhile Navarr and Mizzell are living in in The Glade, with Mizzell’s great grandmother. How did she get from her world to ours, I wonder….

And in the big city, the Cabal who control Lenzell and Associates are licking their wounds- they lose their hunting party right before they need them the most; Mizzell has escaped their grasp and they are on the verge of civil war with the Royal Family. Luckily for them they have new technology and a new line of Golems to bring to market. But where is this new technology coming from?

So, I have 1 out of those 3 story lines pretty much plotted. So I will work on the other 2.

And I am drawing a map. I drew one last time, for personal references. After talking to other people, they felt, and so did I, that I didn’t need a map. The story can take you through the world without having to plot it on some hand-sketched map stuck at the front of the book.

I am also trawling the internet for imagery, pictures of places, characters, vehicles, things, guys riding giant lizards, all of which will inspire me and make me remember what characters look like.

I need to finish off some formalised work before the end of October, so I can have some paid work to coincide with my novelling.

I enjoy November. I think I enjoy November in the same ways that I enjoy Thursdays. I Thursdays because at the end of the day I knew the next day would be casual friday where, even though I was working, it was casual, I could wear jeans and people seemed more relaxed and playful. So, Thursday was the day before the relaxed day before the weekend.

November feels like that. December you tend to switch off and relax in the summer sun- parties galore. But November is a month leading up to it. Its building in its playfulness, but is still work related. I don’t know if that explanation was very clear, but it made sense to me.

I think getting more into the creative writing might just get me into here more. I should be more disciplined.

The end of another writing year…. obligatory review! Part 2 December 20, 2011

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Wow. I was going to write just one post for my writing year in review. Seems this has been a bigger year than I thought and I need to split it into two! This is, of course, a very good thing.

So, my creative year. It began with me writing and finishing my epic sci-fi series, the final book – Crashing Wave. Without the madness of Nanowrimo, it was actually a struggle to complete this. Looking back I have come to realise that what happens in your every day life, your 9 – 5, can affect how you write creatively. I have learned that it is the first 5 minutes of writing which is the hardest to achieve. Once you break through that 5 minutes, then you have the momentum to continue. I have learned that once you hit 20 minutes you tend to lose that momentum, unless you get totally focused.

As such, it was a huge struggle for me to get the last bit of the series completed. Compared to Nanowrimo this year where I completed a 94k word novel in 30 days, it took me almost 5 months to write 15k words to complete the novel. However, I now know what drives me to write, what I need to do to make myself write, and I am quite sure that in the new year I will write more than 1 novel during the year. Especially if the popularity and sales motivate me. But more on that later.

To motivate me I had a friend create a book cover for the first novel in the series – Bow Shock. You can find the cover here – Scarlet Rugers. It is in the Book Covers section of the website. When it comes to cover art, for me, I like minimalist designs. I don’t like having characters on the cover, or would prefer not to have them. Rather than the reader imagine their own image for the characters it is telling them- this is what they look like. It ties up some of the imagination which could be better used in reading the story. You have to remember the book cover whenever those characters are in scene because the cover has told you what they look like.

When I was writing the books, on the Nanowrimo site, you were allowed to have banners in your profile advertising your books. Mine were incredibly simple, just a planet, a star field, and a line showing movement. I believe Scarlett has taken that simple idea and enhanced it in a very clean way. It was fun working with her as well, she would get excited, show me an idea and before I had said anything she would say- wait! What about this?! I like those people who are passionate about what they do.

During the middle of the year I stopped writing creatively. Work stress, life stress, and a want to concentrate on getting my copy writing business precedent. Sad, I know. I did have the seeds for a novel idea in my mind, don’t worry about that. a Magic Steampunk adventure! However I was waiting until November to write it. I know in myself that I need that surge of novelling energy to get me going.

And so, October rolled around, my month of plotting and planning. I started doing the 30 days of world building, but stopped. I already had a plot, and a direction. The exercises did help me out, I will admit. Thinking of weather as a driving force for plot was good. Trade winds would determine the best routes for sky ships to sail. And they would change with every season. The geography of the world would affect the winds as well, so I needed a map. And rather than just having mountains here and there, think about how they are made. The Himalayan mountains are created by continental plates colliding, so, when looking at my map, and mountain ranges, I imagined them to be the edges of plates, which helped sculpt the coast line etc. So these new ways of thinking about world building and how the land would interact with my plot was great. However, there were things left out, things I didn’t consider, due to not being relevant to my story.

I knew what the political situation would be- Royal Family. I have not yet decided on a religion for my world, however there re druids and people with certain elemental aspects in their system. So it may lean towards a pagan pantheon. But then, it might clash with the different schools of magic. It might clash with the idea of people from another realm. It was a very tricky decision, so in the end I chose not to have religion and spirituality that major in my story. And I don’t believe it has harmed the story at all.

So, November. Nanowrimo. Writing a novel, while also trying to be a professional copy writer. I had a GREAT day during November. I spent a day creating the first BNI newsletter AND I wrote 5000 + words of my novel. This day showed me that I can focus and be focussed. It showed that both of my writing loves can live side by side. I can write novels, and copy write, all at the same time. This bodes so incredibly well for my future.

During Nanowrimo I updated my Facebook paged daily with word counts and an exciting commentary on what my characters had been doing. This generated a LOT of response from people, a lot of excitement, and a lot of requests to read the story. So I came to a decisions. Currently I have 4 beta readers going through my work and should be giving me feedback by early January. T hen I will re-write and edit, and publish the book on Smashwords come Valentine’s Day. Once again Scarlett is creating the cover art for me, with some web icons to help with sales.

My first published novel. Wow. This is going to be exciting. I am opening myself up to people saying- wow! To people going- it’s just the same as….  Opening myself up to people to say- this is the worst thing I have ever written. Ah well –

One of those weeks where a lot happens when you’re not looking December 10, 2011

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After the rush of Nanowrimo, it feels like I have not done much writing at all. I had to sit and think- what is it that I have done? And I am happily surprised to find that I have, indeed, done stuff!


Just in time for Christmas, I have a new business card and a new DL flyer to advertise myself. I would have liked these earlier, but the printer became ‘busy’. All this meant was I had to remind them that, while I am a friend, I am also a customer, and not having these two items is actually restricting my potential to trade. So, I did take a bit of a stand, and it produced results!

That was educational. This year I have discovered my voice, the line in the sand where I will not cross. I have discovered that I can stand up and bump chests with those who are sort of taking advantage of me. I am a laid back kind of guy, and it seems trying to go into business for yourself, you cannot be like that. I have had people I did work for tell me- no, you will charge me at your FULL rate. VALUE yourself! You did work for free, no, I asked you to charge me, so do it. So, I have good people pushing me forwards, and I am now learning myself to push myself forwards. Its business, not pleasure.

So, yes, side tracked there. Well, no not really. Valuing myself, and taking pride in my work, standing up for myself, they are all part of the BUSINESS of writing, which I am learning, STILL. wow.

I am glad I have got my business cards now. By pure coincidence (or was it) there is a networking meeting on Tuesday morning at another BNI Chapter. The guest speaker is Bernadette Schwerdt, the lady who is mentoring me through the 12 months of Dream Team 2011. So not only will I get a chance to meet her, but once she has told people how awesome copy writing is, I can then say- hey! I’m a copy writer! Here’s my card.

My novel? I am reading through it now, just making sure the flow is there, a few obvious typoes are gone. Then I will have a few people give it a good hard read through to find some other types of errors before I edit it for a Valentines Day release. I have spoken with my graphic designer friend about the cover, and she has agreed to do a full front & back cover AND to do an electronic version of my cover, with the words RELEASED ON VALENTINES DAY so I can post it online all over the place.

This is both fun, exciting, and extremely scary.

Nanowrimo wrap up, and my plans. December 1, 2011

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I finished my book. I wrote the whole story. I said to someone that I try and write the whole book during November, that is my challenge. While the official challenge is 50 000 words in 30 days, I hit that easily now, so my challenge is to complete the entire story arc for that book. This is harder for me, and I appreciate pushing myself that little bit extra. For example last year, I may have written close to 75k words in the month, I didn’t finish writing the story. And then I let my motivation slip and it took so long just to finish, it was ridiculous.

Do I like my story? Yes. Yes I do. You might think that is a strange question since I wrote it and I asked it, but there are so many people who do Nanowrimo who say- I wrote it but it was crap. But no, I enjoyed writing it, and I enjoyed the story.

I was confused using the words ‘sigil’ and ‘glyph’ throughout, and I am going to have to decide which word I like, and what the actual difference between them are. It might be a regional dialect thing, in that some call the magic writing Sigil Work, others Glyph work. That’s for an edit.

The end fight scene for me needs more. They’re carrying swords, so why dont they use them? And the lead male went down far too quickly. I will re-write that with more sword play. And what frustrated me with the final scene was playing it out in my head, while dramatic music was playing, and thinking to myself- I hope my writing is as exciting as what I can see in my head! Which it never is, but that’s okay. The reader can fill in the stunt work for themselves.

Some stats for the month of November:

  • Total Words Written – 94473
  • Average Words Written per day – 3258
  • Highest word count day – Wednesday the 16th – 10227
  • Days not writing – 3 (Two Saturdays and the last day)
  • Number of days not hitting daily word count – 5  (0, 0, 913, 1543, 1589)

I do have plans for my novel. With the number of people commenting on my Facebook updates desperate to read it, I have decided to e-book my novel. I am going to give it a quick read through in the next couple of days, just to find a few little bugs and wipe them off the screen. Then I will let it sit during December. In January I will give it an edit with the hammer. The story is fine, I am happy with the pacing and how long it takes to get where it needs to go. Language is a little bit over the place, so I will make sure when my male lead speaks it is all very proper. When my lady speaks it will be halting and a little bit confused. Actually, I may base her speech pattern off my Polish friend. She has been in Australia for 30 years but she still cannot grasp Australian slang. It is so cute.

And then the plan is to get the book up for purchase before Valentine’s Day. I am going to announce this on Facebook as well. I am putting it out, into the universe, there will be a release date. That way I can not hide behind the- oh yes I plan on getting it published. I will have announced it, and will target that date, and my inner perfectionist be DAMNED!

One of my best days was last Thursday. I managed to write 4146 words on my novel, while also putting together and writing a newsletter for my BNI group. Writing content, setting up the template and laying it all out was a very involved job. So being able to do both was a good experience for me. Showed that I can work and play at the same time. That would be a great work life balance for me, to be able to Copy Write, to do professional writing during the morning and afternoon, and then write into the evening on novels. I did that for a couple of days during November, and it worked.

So, how am I feeling now? I am actually a little sad I don’t have a novel to write. Yes, I know- but wait! You can still write! But I don’t want to get Book 2 going until have book 1 wrapped up nicely. I am not one of these multi-tasking writers, well not for novels. Not yet. The day a publishing house asks me to write this novel, and that novel, oh and help with this one, and here is loads of cash? Then I will adapt.

Week 3 Nanowrimo, Act 3 of my novel November 24, 2011

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It is late Thursday, Australia time, week 3 Nanowrimo. I am in Act 3, nearing the end, sitting just under 75k words as I write this. I am determined to get to the end of my story, although Act 3 implies a bit more story than I thought, dramatic ending, and such. They were just going to walk off into the sun(s) set, but I might have to make it a bit more deadly. Perhaps an avalanche. We will see.

I have noticed that I sometimes settle into a nice rut of conversation. A lot of talk, quirky talk, not dull conversation. But the book doesn’t go anywhere. That was happening today. I was enjoying the conversation. My Alchemist was fitting my MC with a gun, explaining how and why it works, what types of potions it fires and such. I enjoyed it because the workings of the weapon made a sense of logic for me. And the way they described things- this is the casting plate. I like the term casting plate. Plate, being a physical, metal object, which allows the ‘casting’ of a spell. I want a mix of magic and technology, brought through alchemy. And I feel like I even have the language to do this.

However, the book wasn’t going anywhere. I had such fun creating the village of Thunderfall, way up in the mountains, that I wanted them to stay a few days. But in a book, in an adventure, that can’t happen. So I brought the bad guys there, in the middle of the night. Okay, they didn’t arrive there, a massive dragon blew their ship up and it crashed. I thought- if that doesn’t get their butts moving, nothing will!

A few interesting things have happened to the book and to the characters while I have been writing. Some characters have been wrestling with me. The lead male and female both wanted screen time at the start of the book. I would manage to get one under control and then the other would start acting up. Then those two were quite happy to hop along with the ride, until they decided they wanted to be lovers. Well, I intended that, but it took them a while. And now they cant keep their hands off each other. The poor boy, just as he is getting around first base, SURPRISE! Goblin attack

But what I think was the most intriguing thing to happen was to a character who lives with my alchemist. He was found as a child, in the wild, and she more or less adopted him. Not a motherly type, their relationship is more like friends. He is a very talented tinkerer, which is like an engineer. Except he draws pictures of creatures and puts cogs and gears and pulleys in them. He has this way of seeing the world as it would look like as a machine. And that was the character basis. Then, when my MC meets him for the first time, I discovered he was autistic. I honestly had no intention of making him so. It literally just happened. He hasnt fought me over it, he hasnt argued, he is quite happy seeing the world as he sees it,”much better this way”, as he likes to say. It surprised me. But I am happy with it.

Being at home with not much work has enabled me to pull out 5000 word days, 3000 word days and the like. However, I am thinking I may need to delegate Thursdays as my ‘maintenance’ days. I have just began the weekly newsletter duties for my BNI Chapter. Great idea, I will get content from everyone and put it into a newsletter for them. Actually a bit of work, chasing down people to email you content. Lay it out in a template and such, and then send out. Free of charge. It’s always the setting up of templates that is the biggest bit, next time will be copy and paste under the picture. And 2 other people have expressed interest in me creating a newsletter for them

And some have expressed interest in me creating and maintaining a Facebook page for them. So I think I will delegate Thursday to be THE DAY where I update newsletter templates, update Facebook. Thursday will be my day of social networking. I must be on Facebook! As a job! Who would have thought…

Week 2 and a little bit of Nanowrimo, winning! November 17, 2011

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It is now day 17 of Nanowrimo. I have yet to write today, but that is okay because yesterday I had a 10 000 word day and hit the 50k goal line for Nanowrimo! I completed the challenge in 16 days! There was only 1 day I did not write, and that was Saturday. Chances are I’m not going to write this Saturday either, so, 15 days to get 50k words. This is, of course, while not being full-time employed, so for me its been the quickest I have written. I am quite happy with the effort.

Have I finished? Gosh no. I am just coming to the action packed conclusion to Act 2, and Act 3 beckons! I stopped writing early last night because the next scene is going to be utterly chaotic. Two ships, fighting each other, and throw in a good  dose of dragons. Crazy! And so I wanted a fresh day to write this scene. I have been thinking about it all of last night and this morning. Who is going to die, how can they overcome the pride of the corporate fleet. And then I needed the collective noun for dragons! Role Playing Gamers seem to think a Flight of Dragons is the term. I trust them. They have provided a load of inspirational ideas for my fiction.

Another facet of my Nanowrimo this year has been my daily updates of my status on Facebook. When I wrote the first book in my science fiction series, I posted the chapters on a blog for people to read as it happened. It prompted me to write for an audience, but it was an audience I never really knew were there. Long before I could see blog stats and visit counts. But now, I am updating on my Facebook, a good, meaty sized update at the end of the day with a humorous summary of what I had written during the day.

And it is generating interest. This may seem like a no-brainer to other people who are more experienced in the world of advertising through social media, but I am finding it fantastic to generate interest in my writing through just my friends. So many want to read my work, ask about my writing, how it is going, can they be a part of it. I included three friends of mine in the story as pit fighters and sent them the extract. They totally loved it. And people who I never thought would be into writing come up to me and tell me their husbands or partners or friend have always wanted to write a novel and so on. It has been great.

The link to get the WINNING image is not yet available through Nanowrimo. But in the mean time, there is this one.

See you in a week!

Week one-and-a-bit nanowrimo. I am now recognised as a writer. November 9, 2011

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I was going to give a one week update of nanowrimo, however I got caught up with writing and family visits and the obligatory restaurant dinners, and so I am two days late.

I have had a fun time wrestling with the lead male character and the lead female character. Firstly, my male lead was trying to control the book and what happened. Admittedly the action was around him making discoveries, such as who the bad guys were, what his feelings for the lead female were, what drove the golems and made them creepy. Except, he was taking his time discovering these things, and when he did, he wanted to explore them more.

It may sound strange to say this, but I took control back from him, and made him behave, by changing the weather. A festival and a ball was going to happen once it stopped raining. It is going to be at this ball where the chase begins and they must escape the city. I made the rain stop early to stop my man from dawdling.

But then the female lead started taking control. She has developed strong mind control powers, suggestive powers. This has helped me move the plot along, but she is too powerful. And she met with royalty half a book earlier than she should have. I am going to give her a head injury so she loses those powers. Take over MY novel will you?

I have to admit, saying things like this, out loud- I will give her a head injury, is such a cool thing to do and say. In normal conversation you would be looked upon as strange and possibly as a felon if you said those things.

So, I am twenty two thousand words into the novel, and they havent left the city yet for the flight on the sky ship. Nearly halfway to the word count target, and they are still in act 1. I get the feeling a lot may need to be edited from the start of the book. I have only done one serious edit so far, and that was on a phrasing about the revelation of two suns for the world. I was very aware of feeding the reader small portions of explanation jelly beans about the names and the looks of the suns. So I Changed it, implied some and left the description minimalist. If you don’t get it, you will later on.

I am also updating my Facebook page at the end of each day with an exaggerated description of what I have done for the day in terms of nanowrimo. This has had some fun follow on effects for me. On the weekend a friend hugged me hello and asked if I could put her into my novel. On Saturday night a friend greeted me with a bow and said- Hello nanowrimos! Someone else, while skating, asked how my novel was going. She told me how her husband wanted to write a book and we should talk. I asked why he hadn’t started.

People are more aware of me as a writer, that I am writing a book and are actively asking about it. If they see me they ask how it is going. If I am online they ask if I am writing. Twice I have been guilted off Facebook to write. I like this in my friends.

And, to be honest, I am also enjoying people coming up to me and asking how my writing is progressing. Especially those whom I never thought would ask. That makes me feel like a legitimate writer. I can already hear friends saying- BUT YOU ARE! Yes yes, I know. But, its good to be reaffirmed.

I will give you an update at the halfway mark, November 14th. If they haven’t left the city by then I am dropping that asteroid on them. That will get them moving.