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Happy 3 years to me! Now bring me cake… February 19, 2013

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3rd_birthday_cake WordPress  tells me I have been at this blog for three years now. Time flies, I must say. I took a quick look at what I was doing three years ago in my first blog post, titled Commitments to Writing. I had just started my IRC based online writing group- Wednesday Night Writers. That group no longer exists, sadly. I quite enjoyed it, it made me write some good stuff. But, people move on.

Actually, I have only written one short story since then. My mind and writing has shifted to the longer prose of novels, and to building my copy writing skills and business.

My latest novel, South of the Border, I declared to my editor that it would be finished by the end of February. Since I have announced to someone, and to others, and now you, my MASSIVE fan base, that the first draft will be finished in, woah, 9 days, I am now accountable to that. I have just finished Act 2, which is good. So I now have 9 days to write the massively climatic battle and lead into book 3. Sure, I can do that.

News on Book 1- The Girl From Out of Town, it has been formatted, and the cover worked for a print version. I am just waiting on some cash to grab some ISBN’s, and to figure out the US tax requirements. So soon, I will have a print novel, in my hot little hands. It is not a quick process, but it is a process nonetheless.

And on the professional front? Well, I am in that freelance trap of doing work and having clients be a little lapse in making payments.  It is a struggle, and a stress, to be honest. You want to do your best for clients, but it is tricky not to bring a little bit of stress with you into each job when you think- can I afford to do this? I am sure that in a month’s time, when I have 10 clients under my belt, 5 websites, numerous blog posts and brochures, I will look back at today and think- wow, how close was I to the edge?

And further to my professional writing biz, I made a judgement call last week. I have a newsletter – Matthew’s Writing Snackbox. It was my little monthly newsletter with news on writing, character development, a real mix of tastes and flavours, as per the title of the newsletter. But it did not have a direction. So, I need to tighten it up and focus it more. I have decided it will be more focused on copy writing, marketing and such, to be a real valuable source of information to clients and people who want to write, or want some tips on how I do the things that I do.

And what about the rest of the cool stuff I find on writing which I included? Well, as someone said- isn’t that what your blog is for? Isn’t that what your Facebook is for? So, yes, I will source the same material, the same content, but divide it up into work and pleasure, if you will. So much happens in the world of writing, and I want to share as much as I can with people.

So look out 2013. This is the year I change things up, write stuff, become successful, and, STUFF!



Viral Marketing. (That’s an ad?) January 25, 2013

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old spice 1There are two forms of marketing which are very effective, and yet very hard to pin down to a strategy. One is guerrilla marketing, and the other is viral marketing. Lets have a look at viral marketing.

Viral marketing is when an idea, a video, or a tweet, or a picture, is circulated around the internet at the speed of thought, exposed to millions of people, and remains in the social consciousness for a long time afterwards. Just think of the ‘Old Spice Guy’. The commercial first aired during the 2010 Superbowl in the USA. The ad, on you Tube, had close to a quarter million views in the 2 hours after the Superbowl, and was increasing 100 000 every few hours after that. The ad was so well thought of, it even garnered positive responses on 4Chan!

Following on from the success of this, the marketing company behind this viral hit then had a 2-day marathon of video responses to questions raised on Twitter. Again, this was a huge success. Responses came back to the twitter questions with amazing speed and hilarity. The company earned nearly 11 MILLION video views, 29 000 Facebook fans and 58 000 new twitter followers. And, to hammer home the point of the viral marketing aspect, and how popular it was, the actual Old Spice product was barely mentioned in any of the video responses.

More recently, Dick Smith has been the fortunate recipient of viral advertising. A funny, tongue-in-cheek ad he created for Australia, playing off his name, encouraging everyone to eat his Australian made products, or, ‘eat dick for Australia day’, was banned from prime time early evening TV because it contained potentially offensive material.  dick_smith_ad_640x360

This news hit the internet, and almost immediately people were posting links to the ‘uncut and original’ ad on social media. Dick had interviews on talk shows, and on Sunrise, the hosts even congratulated him on having his ad shown on their show for free.

There is, of course, a formula to viral marketing. But, it is a formula whose ingredients are volatile and may not mix well. You need the right balance to make it work. You may have seen companies try and build a viral marketing campaign and fail. One of the best (or worst) examples was when the Chevy car company in America, opened it’s advertising space for people to make their own commercials for the newly launched SUV, the Tahoe. You could choose from different clips showing the vehicle doing, SUV stuff. You could run them in any order, have inspirational music, and then put your own messages up there.

You can possibly imagine the result when The Internet had finished with this marketing campaign. If you would like some help imagining that, have a look at these great examples – Great Padded Cell, or this one, encouraging you to Murder Your Family , language warning on that second one.

A viral marketing campaign, as I said, has a formula, but is not something that you can force, crowbar into popular culture. You need a reason for people to share it- an emotional connection, a ‘what the…?’ reaction, something is really funny and witty. You need the call to action to be subtle (depending on your message). That call to action can be to actually share the video, or as in the case of ‘Help for Paws – how and iPhone saved the lives of 5 puppies‘  the call to action is obviously- donate NOW! And, you need a good story to go with it. It needs to be compelling, hold your attention and make you want to watch all of it.

Guerilla Marketing (What did I just see?) January 25, 2013

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This is one of those phrases which, ironically, is hard to pin down to a definition. It is not Viral Marketing, which we will look at in a future blog post, it is more having your brand seen, often in sneaky and cheeky ways.

How many times have you seen a bunch of guys, painted up and chanting at a sporting event? If you are in the crowd, you are looking right at them. If you’re watching TV, chances are the cameras have focussed on them during a lull in play. What if those guys were wearing something with your brand on it? Not blatantly out in the open, but some branded shorts, or a flag in team colours and your company’s name on it? Suddenly, your brand name has reached millions of people, depending on the sport, and you haven’t had to pay a cent in sponsorship money.

Have you ever seen large golf umbrellas at the 18th hole on a PGA play off? The camera shows a vision of a professional golfer, concentration etched on their face. And in the back is an umbrella, in distinctive colours? You see a red umbrella with a swirl of white you think- cola. If you saw an orange umbrella with a white arrow? FedEx. Was there an actual paid commercial for either of these companies? Probably not.

There is a trick in making sure you are casually sitting where the camera will see you in the background. If you see a reporter on the street, standing behind hem but in the line of sight of the camera, with a logo visible, and there you have it. Or, as I have often seen on the morning breakfast shows, the windows which open on to the public, so you can see them live to air. Well, the people on the other side of the camera can see you too, waving and on your mobile phone. So why not take advantage of that and have a sign, a colour scheme, a printed t-shirt?

A fantastic example of guerrilla advertising was during the Sydney Olympics. The Triple J radio station held a competition – Beat The Drum. If you could get their Drum logo show to the widest audience possible, in a legal way, then you would win your rent paid, for a year, or all your bills paid for the year. The winner was a person who had seats right behind the medal podium at the swimming. Every time athletes stood there to get their medals and sing their national anthem, there was the Triple J drum logo.

Triple J paid nothing for the campaign, and trust me, there were plenty other attempts to get the logo out there. A woman on the Sydney foreshore with body paint; signs on busy freeways; costumes at rock concerts. Sure, there was a cost in the prize, but to have so many people getting their brand and logo out there?

It can be hit and miss, but if you can pull off an ingenious, subtly, but telling guerilla marketing campaign, the money made for very little outlay, could be significant.


Guerrilla marketing gone wrong, with this man arrested at the 2004 Athens Olympics

and on the 7th day, he was still writing Nanowrimo.. November 7, 2012

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7 days into the month of November, a month which brings you a world of men growing moustaches for a good cause –

A month which brings you the “Race that stops a nation” 

An election in some country –

And an awesome world wide writing contest!

I am currently sitting on just over 13 000 words on day 7, which is ahead of schedule. November 1st was a Thursday, and I didn’t really get started writing until 10pm that night. Friday was out for me, and so was most of Saturday, so, I wrote the bulk of my words in the 2 days of Monday and Tuesday. Not bad.

I am having a very casual word war with Penmonkey. She and I are old hats at Nanowrimo. We are both confident of hitting the 50k score SOMETIME this month, so are just slowly pottering along, encouraging and taunting each other. I feel like a gentlmanly old man, walking arm and arm with a ‘lady’ pointing my cane at the youth of today and saying- off you go, write with vigour. We will see you home soon. Rah rah, pip pip!

What I have noticed, and enjoyed, in the past couple of days, is the anarchy of characters taking over the writing. I have been writing so controlled for so long, either editing a novel already in play, or writing copy which needs control in and of itself, that to have characters do unexpected things, has been both scary and fun. What do I mean?

Well, I did plan on my MC’s having a battle with slavers, discovering how they are capturing so many slaves so easily. What I did not intend on happening was Mizzell being captured, and Navarr launching a solo boarding mission to rescue her! Luckily 2 of his allies joined him, but still, 3 people against a boatload of slavers?

I have been stuck in this scene for a day or more trying to figure out how to get them out. Navarr caught a knife in the left shoulder, so now that arm doesn’t work, one of the Mountain Men is down, blood everywhere, possibly dead. There is no key to the slave cage, and to top it off, the fight is happening around a great hole in the bottom of a sky ship. Any wrong move and you’re freefalling.

I must admit I am not writing with as much gusto as  I did last year. I feel more like I am putting in the yards and getting ahead of the word count, but I am not rushing ahead with a wicked gleam in my eye. It is possibly outside influences, or pressures. For example, today, I have a to-do list. I have a timer set on 50 minutes, so I dedicate some time to each dot point, and then have a ten minute break. The list includes-

  • Writing my Facebook Document & promotional material
  • Blog writing
  • Social Media work for Ilinga Books
  • Write and review and update website
  • Filling out worksheets examining completion on copy writing & marketing channels worksheet
  • Writing novel

Some where in there I might leave the house.

I have always said that Nanowrimo is good for showing how you can really work writing around your life. I am trying to squeeze it into my writing life, as a writer, while I write, other stuff. And, lacking on that list is client work, which I haven’t got at the moment. I am working on a plan to go GET clients, but I don’t think it is a real, exact science, not for me. Maybe people will need great copy to sell their wares ‘just in time for Christmas?

Well, as you can see, writing a blog post was number 2 on the list, and according to my counter, I have 8 minutes left. This gives me enough time to talk about future projects. I am planning a collection of short stories based in the world of my current Steampunk novels. Events which happen, seen from other points of view perhaps? Other locations which had a brief mention getting some meat and potatoes? I like the idea of a rogue piece written from the Ravens point of view, the Royal Secret Service. That could be cool.

I am planning to put together a collection of articles on how I plot and plan and write a book. My 11th Nanowrimo and I am getting people asking me how i do it, how I continually do it, and what do I do? So,  I have taken some time to figure out what it is I do, since some people are curious and want to know.

Thanks to a client, I have created another package I can offer to clients- the Sock-Knocking Tag-Line package. Watch this space for more!

Less is more… July 31, 2012

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In the past week I have had two copy writing jobs which required me to write, or edit, a load of text down to less words while keeping the message. And this post is also to show that while a lot of what I blog about is my novel & creative writing, I do have a professional writing side to myself as well.
The first job required me to take a company whose website I had been writing, and boil down who they are and their unique selling point into a 40 word blurb. This is a case of finding one or two points, and just writing about that. Getting that one point of difference is a selection process in itself! It came down to the fact this company would slip in and become a part of your business, taking away that pesky work you don’t want to do, so you can get back to running your business – working on your business, not in your business, as they say.

My first effort came out at 60 words. The second just under 50. And then I nailed the word count. Looking at the words on-screen, it was about 2 and a half lines of text, depending on the size of the words. This was a good visual cue to work with, so when I was near the second line of text I knew I had to wind it up.

I gave the clients 4 examples of 40 words or less. And then a week later I followed up with 8 more examples. All were slightly different, and I was quite happy with what I produced.

And recently a girl came to me saying she is trying to get into a course with the RSPCA about animal welfare and caring for animals etc, but she said – I can’t write. I hear that a lot. She had written something, which obviously meant she could write, but she couldn’t focus on the important parts of what she wanted to say, and get it within the word count limit of 200 words.

I had her dot-point the main reasons she wanted to study and work with the RSPCA. I then matched those dot points with the text she had given me (close to 600 words). I then used very economical word choices, cut out a lot of fluff, and still said exactly what she had said, but I managed 199 words. And yes, I did go back and see where I could add just one more word, but thought the better of it.

She was very happy with the result 🙂
These two jobs highlight what it is I like about copy writing. Being creative in a tiny little box. You still have to use all your skills as a creator and a writer, but you have these hard rules defining what and how to use your creativity, and still produce something which makes sense, and fits all the checks and balances of the creative brief.

So, while it was a quiet week in regards to volume, it was good to exercise those parts of my brain, just to know I can still do it if I need to.

When a ‘day off’ writing means writing my novel March 28, 2012

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I was joking around yesterday saying – hey! I have a day off writing! I am going to do my novel! It was all funny, until I thought – no that is the wrong way of thinking about my novel. It is not something I put aside for downtime, or casual writing Fridays. It is a piece of writing which deserves its own importance along with the rest of my collective workings.

The reason I felt like this, however, was after week of writing a tender for a furniture company, it felt easier to sit in the realm of fiction writing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved doing the tender writing gig. I literally spent 10 hours writing on Tuesday last week. I had emails and discussions going back and forth with the client, with re-writes, additions, and such. I was even working on the weekend to get my BNI Newsletter out. I also arrived home on Monday night, after a terrible game of basketball, to find an email requesting a complete table of contents and that they needed the document first thing in the morning, Tuesday.

It was a lot of work, and work I enjoyed. I don’t think I have worked that hard, as a writer, for a long time. I am now holding my writer’s breath until May, I think, to when the Tender results are in. That will be a measure of how successful I was in my efforts. Not the only measure, since I stuck to the task, wrote a lot of hours and got the job done, on time and as the client requested.

I got a few thousand words out with my novel though. It felt good. I had left it for a week, and I was feeling a little guilty, but it was nice to know it was still waiting for me. Strange language to use, I know, but sometimes, when you leave a piece of writing for too long, it can seem like a stranger to you and you have to read it again, to get to know it, before you can engage with it again.

I have had to find another editor today. My previous editor has now become unavailable. Good luck to her I say. My new editor works for lollipops, free books and the chance to pick my brain. I think she is getting the better half of this deal.

I am at the final part of the story now. Re-writing has been a positive experience for me. I have been merciless in the cutting of chaff. Two pages explaining a dead character’s history and family? GONE! Physical comedy about waking up and banging your head on the side of the boat? GONE! Long conversation about motives for being in Thunderfall? HALF GONE! And while I love a bit of fluff, I can see the story is actually moving along at a faster pace, a better pace. This is good. I am building a better book, rather than just changing words in the story as I rewrite.

The Next step is still waiting to be taken February 18, 2012

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What a week! The day that I was supposed to launch Act 1 of my book, and Smashwords fell down. I have been checking their Site Update blog every day, sometimes every hour, but the file validation and conversion program- Meatgrinder, is still off-line. I have been trying every day to get my book up, but to no avail.

It feels like such an anti-climax. I busted a hump last weekend editing, re-writing, butting heads with my editor. And then Tuesday morning… nothing! All week… nothing!

I must say, the marketing campaign I implemented had a lot of people asking me where my book was. I visited my old workplace and they all asked how it was going and when they could read it. My old team leader said she was going to email me on Tuesday to ask how it was going, but thought, with all the excitement I was going through, to perhaps leave off for a day or two. Heh, I like the sentiment, but little did she know…

Copy Writing trundles along well. Two people would like me to write newsletters for them. Which is good, since a job popped up online which had a lot of newsletter components involved. So I applied. There’s a potential informercial magazine concept coming up which would involve interviews and research and writing. It has been a while since I interviewed people. Fun working out the right questions to ask, and transcribing and all that. I do find some mundane things fun, don’t I?

Ah well. time for the weekend. I will most definitely tell the WORLD when my book is ready for you all to have a look at and give me awesome feedback!

When re-writing becomes new writing February 6, 2012

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February 14th gets closer much faster than I would like. But you cannot stop time. You must face it and accept it and all that deep and meaningful stuff. I am well into Chapter 5 re-write, the last chapter of Act 1, so I am on track to release the free download on time. It is just chapter 5 has now taken on a life of its own.

But it is a good life, I will have to say. In the first draft my heroes received and invitation to the Royal Ball, the bad guys had to go find them, there was a chase scene, and then they bought their way on board a ship. The new version is much better, more action, and makes more sense. There is going to be a bigger fight scene, things are going to explode. What better way to end an act than with explosions!

But, I have reached this place of major rewrite through minor changes back in the first chapters. Keeping one character at a mysterious distance and changing his motivations, and upping he mystery of my female lead has led to major re-writing, for the better, by chapter 5 alone! Amazing to see the amount of change now, from small shifts prior to that.

The copy writing is still bobbing around. The flyer about selling myself has hit an impasse. The first version was good, but it didn’t really promote me as a product. The advice given was going back to basics and doing a features and benefits chart about myself. I have done that, with some input from friends, now its how to lay them all out in a way that isn’t ‘this therefore that’, and rate them in order of significance.

I am prioritising my novel this week, over copy writing, for obvious reasons. But, as I have said before, if a big job comes in and I have to miss that deadline, then so be it. I actually think I would write late into the night on my novel, rather than miss the deadline. Just like the good old days!


Zombies, Beta Readers and an unfortunately good change of plans January 11, 2012

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A long while ago I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts about Zombies being a writing totem, or a dream symbol of my writing for me. Well, I had another dream last night about zombies, and it is writing related. Related to my copy writing, actually. I wont relate the entire dream, although there were some very cool fight scenes in there, but just the two scenes which were the most important to me.

* Stuck up at the top of a very tall building, watching the zombie apocalypse out the window. I keep suggesting ways to escape, bu the people here are just sitting doing nothing. Most are scared, whimpering, and I know that if they do not do anything, something, then the zombies will come up here and kill them

* Have chosen to escape, with another survivor, female. On the way down the building there is a science lab with zombies in it, and I Hear an old man speaking a girl’s name. We go in there and I see an old man, blind, calling out for a girl. The calling out is what attracted the zombies. I put my hand over the old man’s mouth, he is startled to feel me, and we kill the zombies. We find the girl cowered in a little ball, shivering and sobbing. I explain to the old man about how his calls drew the attention of the zombies, and how we would now lead them both out, but he had to be quiet.

Down in the car park we have gathered another survivor, a guy who is mute, cannot speak. As we make our way to the car zombies come running (I hate the fast zombies, totally hate them). I tell the girl to go open all the car door. I start slapping the old man on the shoulder blades, left right left right, imitating running. He nods and starts running to the car. The girl has opened all the doors and is in the back seat. The mute ‘catches’ the running blind man and throws him in the car and jumps in after. I get in the driver’s seat and the other female survivor jumps in. Just as we leave I splat a zombie with my car door and I get splattered with Zombie goo (that last part isn’t writing symbology, but I had to add it in there because… well just because.)

** So, when I woke up, I connected with the scene at the top of the building immediately. I am trying to get action, get movement, do something. But the others just have given up? Are apathetic? This is me currently. I am having feelings of frustration at not getting any work. I want to work, I want to write copy for people, but it is frustrating me that each time I make some sort of movement, or offer, none is returned. I get that now, over Christmas and New Year there isn’t much work. I understand that not everyone needs it, or can afford it, or is working right now. But it is just me. I want to work. I want to write for people and show them I can do this. An idle mind…

So, the rest of this dream? When speaking with my wife about the dream, I mentioned how in my way earlier post I deduced zombies were a writing symbol for me. She then deduced for me that here I was, rescuing someone who could not see, someone who could not speak. So, is this me removing or saving the- no one can see me, or no one is talking about me, and taking control of them? She said it far more eloquently than I did. But it was truly awesome. Here is my subconscious processing my frustrations, that I want to move, to take actin, but no one can see me, no one is talking about me. So, my next question is- how to get people talking about me, and seeing what i am capable of.

And now on to my novel. I recruited 5 Beta Readers just before Christmas. I did put the pressure on them- get some feedback to me by the first week of January. Sadly I have only heard from 2 of them. Well, I heard from one of the other Beta Readers, and she had some uber-drama in her life, s.. okay. But… again, I understand, it was over Christmas and New Year, however I did ask- can you do this? So, I am a little saddened by the lack of return. But this is excited selfish writer me. They offered, voluntarily, and life can happen. So I will work with what I got.

And what I got so far is some good feedback from a reader, and some good feedback from an editor (who is trying NOT to line edit, ah ha.) I have been made aware of how the book reads, and also how there needs to be some more defined motivations and conflicts between characters.

What this has lead to is a realisation that, due to a lack of feedback, and some awesome re-write material, I wont have the full book ready for Valentine’s Day. This disappoints me, since I DECLARED a date, and as such nailed myself a time line. But, I am compromising. I don’t want to release a book and people go- yeah nice. I want a STRONG book which people will go- woah. So. I am going to release Act 1, as a free download. If I cannot deliver on my original declaration, then I will apologise and offer a free gift. And then get the rest of the book, in whole, up at a later date. I am thinking April 1st. I like funny dates.

The end of another writing year…. obligatory review! Part 1 December 18, 2011

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This will be my second last post of the year…. probably. What with birthdays, Christmas and New Years, not many things related to writing will occur. Having said that, I was at a party last night where my copy writing came up in conversation. But about that in a moment.

This year has actually been a big year for me in writing. One of my biggest and scariest, to be honest, in both my creative and copy writing spheres.

Let me talk about my copy writing first.

The biggest thing to happen to me this year was the decision to become a freelance copy writer. I quit my 9-5 regularly paying job, and with the support my awesome derby wife, I embarked on the scary but personally rewarding learning curve that is freelance copywriting. I competed for and won a place in the Australian School of Copy Writing Dream Team 2011. This group has prompted me and pushed me to get me a website, new business cards, a DL flyer promoting myself and join a networking group- BNI Mitcham.

As a freelancer I have created direct email content and an accompanying competition webpage; I have created and polished up a Code of Conduct contract for the East Vic Roller Derby league; I wrote copy for a 3 fold brochure and I have now committed to writing the weekly BNI Mitcham newsletter. I have made some great connections through the networking group and there seems to be a lot of potential in the new year to grow my business. A few people would like me to create their newsletters for them, some would like my help updating and re-branding themselves through websites and emails and hard copy sales material.

What has happened to me in the months since i left my full time job is I am learning the BUSINESS of being a writer. While initially I would give discounted hourly rates because people had not seen my work and what I could do, I was first told- no, charge me your full rate, by one of my clients, and then shown that I have value. My years of experience, my education and my collected body of work, even though someone else might not have seen them, they are there and I do have that value to give as a writer. So now, even if it is a new project, I do charge what I believe i am worth. According to some, this may still not be enough, but I am happy at the moment with what I charge.

At a party over the weekend I practiced my networking skills. Spoke to a couple of people, asked what they did, listening to see how I could help them. Met an engineer who designed kid’s play grounds! How awesome a job that could be. But I also met a personal trainer from a BNI group in the neighbouring chapter. As a BNI member, you are allowed to visit other chapters, as long as they do not have your profession represented. Surprisingly, there is a reassuring lack of copy writers in BNI. We got to talking about what she could offer my group and what I could offer her group. Seems there are a few people in her group who may benefit from a copy writer. So, in the new year I will be visiting her chapter, and others, and spreading the word of ME, copy writer! It was a good little networking experience. We swapped business cards.

I also had another networking event during the week at Manningham Council. Bernadette Schwerdt was giving a talk about copy writing, what it is and how it can help people. This was a great opportunity to meet the lady who is teaching me right now, and it was great for someone with authority to stand up and say- this is copy writing. Then I was able to stand up and say- I can do that for you. I could skip past the definition and get right to the helping you part of my talk. I made a great connect with a e-marketer who admitted she hated writing copy, and was quite relieved to have met me, it seems. 2 good hits in a week.

I also re-opened my face book page. This is where I post updates for my blog, anything copy writing related and novel and creative writing related. Since social media is something I am getting into, setting up profiles, creating content and maintaining, I thought it would be a good idea to show that I have such a page myself. There are many great things to be done with social media, of which I am still learning, such as sign up splash pages, the idea of SUPER FANS, which is an actual term.

What do I want in the new year? Obviously I want my work load to increase. I have made some good starts, planted some potentially strong seeds of growth. But I would like those seeds to grow and bear fruit. I would like to earn enough per week to be comfortable. Some regular work where I have regular clients would be fantastic. Clients who come back to me because of the great work I did for them first time. New clients from outside the BNI 1st tier, referrals because of the good job I have already done. People finding my website and wanting to use my services from looking at my portfolio.

And I need to distribute my DL flyers, and get some work through those.

BIG YEAR ahead! Here’s to making it full of writing goodness!


(Part 2- Creative Writing Year in review, coming shortly…)