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The Twenty Two dollar omelette August 8, 2012

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To be a professional writer, and an author, one hat that you need to wear is the Marketing Hat. As you may already know, I own a Writing Hat, but now I am sizing myself with this new hat.

I have written and published a book, and if you click on the book cover there you can find a place to purchase the book. Marketing for this book includes getting involved on Goodreads, which has had mild success . I am still learning how to get more involved with this community. I would love to ask people to read and review, but posting such requests seems like I would be whispering into a room with white noise.

Other forms of marketing include shouting out on Facebook, which has got me a few sales. But I have discovered if I speak one-on-one with people, then they go buy my book. So this means I will need to speak to hundreds of thousands of people, make friends, talk about writing, and then encourage them to read my book. Easy! 🙂

So, this talk about marketing as a role of a writer, I am trying to ramp up my professional writing side of my life. A lot of work comes through to me in referrals. I am a member of the Business Networkers International group. As a member, if my profession is not represented in another chapter, I am entitled to visit, give a 60 second presentation about me, and hopefully reap some referrals from their members, and be memorable enough that they will remember me when speaking to people THEY know.

This involved a 5.30am start for me, a long drive to a nice little restaurant, and a $22 omelet. I spoke to around 12 people, some members being away, and I collected all their business cards. I had one person wanting to speak with me more, and another asking about some work I might do for them. So, the time in the morning, and the price of the breakfast, may have landed me a good job.

Later in the day I sat with a business coach who was teaching me all about marketing and tracking dollars and cents in my writing business. How much do I spend on marketing compared to how much comes back in as revenue. What things can I do to improve my marketing, increase my brand footprint in the wider world.

One thing I have done is launch a Facebook page for my professional writing side. Rather than have one page for me as a writer, both the creative and copy writing, I am now distinguishing between the two. Go and like my page, where I will give copy writing tips, and post images and links to projects I have contributed in. Click on the image below.

I am doing a lot of work on my professional writing side of me. This means my novel writing is quiet for the time being, but rest assured I have started plotting and planning for the next book. I have a vague story line, with heists, intrigue, more dragons, dinosaurs, minotaurs and possibly a baby.

Good bye for now!