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When re-writing becomes new writing February 6, 2012

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February 14th gets closer much faster than I would like. But you cannot stop time. You must face it and accept it and all that deep and meaningful stuff. I am well into Chapter 5 re-write, the last chapter of Act 1, so I am on track to release the free download on time. It is just chapter 5 has now taken on a life of its own.

But it is a good life, I will have to say. In the first draft my heroes received and invitation to the Royal Ball, the bad guys had to go find them, there was a chase scene, and then they bought their way on board a ship. The new version is much better, more action, and makes more sense. There is going to be a bigger fight scene, things are going to explode. What better way to end an act than with explosions!

But, I have reached this place of major rewrite through minor changes back in the first chapters. Keeping one character at a mysterious distance and changing his motivations, and upping he mystery of my female lead has led to major re-writing, for the better, by chapter 5 alone! Amazing to see the amount of change now, from small shifts prior to that.

The copy writing is still bobbing around. The flyer about selling myself has hit an impasse. The first version was good, but it didn’t really promote me as a product. The advice given was going back to basics and doing a features and benefits chart about myself. I have done that, with some input from friends, now its how to lay them all out in a way that isn’t ‘this therefore that’, and rate them in order of significance.

I am prioritising my novel this week, over copy writing, for obvious reasons. But, as I have said before, if a big job comes in and I have to miss that deadline, then so be it. I actually think I would write late into the night on my novel, rather than miss the deadline. Just like the good old days!




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