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Novel Cover Art released! January 27, 2012

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I had an exciting week this week. I am finding the re-write to be less and less challenging, and I received the cover art for my novel!

Re-writing the novel is a grind, I will not say otherwise. The bliss of first draft creation is replaced with going over the same creative path as before, and honestly, it is not as much fun. But then again, I am writing with much more awareness of what I am trying to achieve. I’ve re-written novels of mine before, but not with as much focus as this. I am aware of the language foibles of my male lead, I am shifting the motivations of my female lead; the Prince is more mysterious and does not waltz into the apartment to share dinner with them. It feels like a more mature novel, to me. One of my beta-readers said to me- it feels like a Nanowrimo novel. Now, to me, it is feeling more like a real novel, rather than a Nanowrimo novel. I never really knew the difference until now.

The Sci-fi novel I had assessed and deconstructed started to feel that way, but there was very little major reconstruction. I had managed to hit all the good points solidly enough on the first pass through that I was just rearranging and polishing. This, my current work, feels like I have taken a good story in a comfy tracksuit, and changed it into a good story in trousers shirt and waist coat. Top hat and goggles optional.

I am currently most of the way through chapter 4 on my re-write. Chapter 5 looms as the big challenge. It is the end of Act 1 and a lot happens. I am shifting locations, so the party is no longer at the Royal Palace it is now at my male lead’s work, which is the den of all that is evil in the world. I may have embellished that slightly. It just put a lot more pressure on the action, a lot more danger on the characters, a lot more opportunities on me as a writer to fkshtup. I should have it done by next week. That gives me a week to get a quite read through and line editing and then change it into Smashwords and up for the world to see! Now, that is going to be scary.

Another thing I have noticed this week is my itch to be writing when I am going somewhere. I had to go out a few times, and each time I did I was thinking to myself- no, I have to be writing. I am onto a good thing, I have to get my characters to this point. My whole weekend this weekend is taken from me by a basketball tournament. If I am not too tired by Sunday night I will try to get some writing done then. But I am little flustered to think- I wont be writing this weekend?

This is a good thing. To know that I am craving the need to write, for me, is a good thing. I want to feed this craving. It is a feeling I need to have for the rest of my life.

And now on to pretty things. I have employed the fantastic services of Scarlett Rugers Design for my novel covers. Now I was attracted to her thanks to her 15 covers for $15 promotion, but I have seen her work and was eager to use her anyway. She presented me with the cover :

And she has given me some online banner ads for Facebook and forums :

These have excited me and I am now under pressure to produce a novel worthy of these covers!



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