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The Chinese Year of the ‘my writing totem’ January 21, 2012

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Monday is the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the Water Dragon no less. You can read about it here and here and loads of other places on the internet. What interests me about this is that for me, the dragon is my personal writing totem. I even have a little dragon sitting on a mirror as a writing altar, my focus for my writing. Apologies for the quality of the shot, it seems the lens of my phone camera is scratched and can only take romantic soft-focus shots.


This little guy was given to me as a present many years ago by a dear friend. She told me that since I enjoy reading and writing fantasy, and dragons are so strongly linked to this genre, she would buy me a baby dragon to remind me that I enjoy fantasy, and to focus on this little guy when I write. And it is a baby dragon because, at the time, my writing was in its infancy. So the dragon is going to grow up to be a big, powerful creature of legend, just like my writing. I do like people’s faith in me.

So there he is, and here we are, in the Year of the Water Dragon. I very much like the synchronicity of this. I cracked my bottle of Moet on New Years Eve, declaring this to be my year of writing. I have already had a writing job this year, with the promise of more to come. I have declared this year to be when I first publish myself. Admittedly the plan has changed from a frantic February 14th release, to a staggered release, bu this is due to the feedback of some well qualified beta readers telling me- this book deserves a GOOD re-write. It is publishable, it is a good story, it just needs this and this. So I am listening to them. I want my first release to blow people’s minds!

You have read here before, and quite recently, my interpretations of my dreams and such. I am a man who enjoys symbology. Not signs and portends so much, but the language of symbols and their meaning to a person, such as dreams, such as Water Dragons and their relationship to me and me being a writer.

Water is a symbol of emotion. It is the source of all life, of sustenance, of health, embodies the unconscious. It can change state, it can move, it can flow. It can be smooth and tranquil or it can be fast flowing and turbulent. All of these things are representative of what it is like to be a writer. Everyone goes through these things, certainly, but personally, as a writer, I go through all these a lot. Producing copy for a client and handing it over, it is something I create, so I am always anxious that they will like it, and they’re not just paying me because they have to. It’s not a case of they must pay me because they hired me, but they actually do like my work, think it is awesome and feel the money they are paying me is totally worth it. And of course the same is true for my creative writing efforts. I know that when I release the novel I will be a mess hoping that people genuinely like it, and are not just saying it to make me feel better.

So, to have the Water Dragon, this emotional, mythical creature, my totem, as the year I where I take my writing career to the next level of awesome, just feels so natural and right to me. It clicks, it fits, it synchronizes. And to prove that point, last week while writing my blog update, at the very point I was describing my frustration at the people in the office not moving, and how that related to me wanting to work and to move forward and how frustrated I was at the lack of movement around me. At that very point I received a phone call and a request to do some work.

I will not go into the details of the job, but it was a pressing matter which required a very quick turn around. I received the phone call on Wednesday, I had the client interview on Thursday morning and had created and edited the document by Thursday night. Review and follow-up on Friday and paid Friday night. Crazy 2 days that. Nothing since, which I am okay with since a lot of businesses are on holidays, but it was so good to get a hit out of the blue, that I want more. I enjoyed the chance to work, so I want to work more.

The novel? The re-write is into Chapter 3. I have received feedback from some Beta Readers, later than I had asked. So, they have given advice about parts of the book I have already rewritten. And I have noticed that I am aware of things which need fixing and have rewritten them as suggested. I think I am better at picking up wasted words, silly sayings and am better able to focus on the important parts of the text. This bodes well for the future!

So, happy new year, may the power of the Water Dragon fill you with mythical energy and creativity.



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