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Week 2 and a little bit of Nanowrimo, winning! November 17, 2011

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It is now day 17 of Nanowrimo. I have yet to write today, but that is okay because yesterday I had a 10 000 word day and hit the 50k goal line for Nanowrimo! I completed the challenge in 16 days! There was only 1 day I did not write, and that was Saturday. Chances are I’m not going to write this Saturday either, so, 15 days to get 50k words. This is, of course, while not being full-time employed, so for me its been the quickest I have written. I am quite happy with the effort.

Have I finished? Gosh no. I am just coming to the action packed conclusion to Act 2, and Act 3 beckons! I stopped writing early last night because the next scene is going to be utterly chaotic. Two ships, fighting each other, and throw in a good  dose of dragons. Crazy! And so I wanted a fresh day to write this scene. I have been thinking about it all of last night and this morning. Who is going to die, how can they overcome the pride of the corporate fleet. And then I needed the collective noun for dragons! Role Playing Gamers seem to think a Flight of Dragons is the term. I trust them. They have provided a load of inspirational ideas for my fiction.

Another facet of my Nanowrimo this year has been my daily updates of my status on Facebook. When I wrote the first book in my science fiction series, I posted the chapters on a blog for people to read as it happened. It prompted me to write for an audience, but it was an audience I never really knew were there. Long before I could see blog stats and visit counts. But now, I am updating on my Facebook, a good, meaty sized update at the end of the day with a humorous summary of what I had written during the day.

And it is generating interest. This may seem like a no-brainer to other people who are more experienced in the world of advertising through social media, but I am finding it fantastic to generate interest in my writing through just my friends. So many want to read my work, ask about my writing, how it is going, can they be a part of it. I included three friends of mine in the story as pit fighters and sent them the extract. They totally loved it. And people who I never thought would be into writing come up to me and tell me their husbands or partners or friend have always wanted to write a novel and so on. It has been great.

The link to get the WINNING image is not yet available through Nanowrimo. But in the mean time, there is this one.

See you in a week!



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