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Creeping Closer To November. October 18, 2011

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Traditionally, for me, October is the month of plotting and planning. It is where I flesh out the characters, the situations, the plots and locations for my November Novel through the National Novel Writing Month.

I am a little bit behind schedule, but I dont mind. I have a meta plot, starting here, going through these locations here, and ending there. It needs some refining, not so much, as I do enjoy the wriggle room while I write, but sure, a little refining.

I have created some characters. I surfed the web for pirate crews and shipping manifests, and created my air ship crew. Still don’t have a name for my Captain yet. But that will come. I started creating the Cabal which controls the evil organisation and I started creating the Royal Family.

What I have discovered is, that while plotting and planning, more ideas have sprung forth. So, Royal Family. I decided that politically, my land will be under the rule of Royalty. This gives me the chance to have a Royal Navy, Royal Army, knights and fiefdoms and political intrigue and marrying for favour. I have thought that one of the young members of the Corporate Cabal might be wooing a young Princess with hopes of combining his industrial might with Royalty, to be the ultimate ruler! (That needed an echo effect)

I have also thought of introducing a Royal Spy Service, run by the youngest Prince. See? Ideas just grow just by having a King and  Queen and their children.

And the Cabal? Five people, or rather four people plus a special member, each with their own school of magic, which fits into my world. So I have now defined the magic I am going to use, and how common some are, how some people think Divination is just tea leaves and entrails,card tricks and flashing lights; Sorcery is alien and evil; Sigil Magic is ‘just writing’. Hmm..I’ve heard that argument before, about professional writing; about copywriting. I guess I can ‘write from experience’ there . . .

I still don’t have a map. I sort of do, started drawing one in pencil. But I found some great ones online, so I will be ‘referencing’ them instead 🙂 I know locations. The city is a location, not named yet, but its a location. It is built in the floor of a massive crater, and the smaller crater just to the west is where the well-to-do people live. And there is a smaller chain of craters heading west. There is a Monument Valley style environment, and a frontier mining town, and mountains with snow on them. I need some sort of reference material, since wind directions and weather patterns become important in my story. I still have 2 weeks…

The big thing is, I don’t have a title for my novel yet. I have no idea what to call it! I know it can have a working title, but I don’t even have that.

So, what I have left to do is- finish up on the characters, what they look like, who they are, what their names are. Come up with some ship names, place names and street names. Think of some business which would be around in my world, such as Cartography and Map shops. I saw on the other day and thought- with a wild frontier, this type of service would be invaluable! A novel title. Should be a piece of cake.



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