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Like all good cakes, it takes time to bake September 21, 2011

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I hope that, unlike GLaDOS, this cake isn’t a lie.

My copywriting freelancing is growing, slowly. I am making connections and meeting people who are interested. Perhaps the cake simile might be replaced with fish nibbling at some bait but not actually taking it. But that has more references to trying to catch something, rather than creating something. Similes are important people!

I have created and completed one piece of work, a one page web page and an email to send to established clients. And just like the novel-writing creative side of myself, once i handed it in I went – oh darn I could have done that better. I could have used these words. I think this is a natural reaction for writers, and students who have just finished an exam. He liked what I produced, I just know what things I can do better next time. While I have been a writer for many years, I am new to the business of writing, and am learning.

Learning is good. I love to learn things. This means I am improving myself and increasing my knowledge of stuff.

So, this first client proposed a potential ongoing contract. Possibly a lot of ongoing work, which of course I am jumping at. I gave him a suggested way of doing business and he is chewing it over.

But since my last post I have had an offer for a potential monthly e-newsletter, a sort of job interview with a Business and Life Coach, Rodd Perrin. He runs Successful Business Life. The interview was good, he suggested some great ways for me to kick-start my business and myself, and in return he got to know me so he can refer me to people he knows need copy writing work. Another cake taking its time to bake.

I think I am liking this cake simile because it rhymes. Just saying.

And I have another client meeting this week to discuss further work potential. Things seem to be growing.

My biggest dilemma at this stage is, can I grow quick enough to a point where I can survive? At this stage I am trying to work to live, to get enough work coming in to pay the bills. All of the above shows it can be done, I just need to get there, else I may have to go back into the office.

Creatively? I started doing the 30 Days of World Building. This is a really good series of exercises to do. Thinking about climate and weather as plot points helped me clear a block I had in getting my protagonists out of the city and start the pursuit. Just because of weather! The problem I have with these exercises? I am now stuck on the map-making section, and its 21 days into the entire series! Oops. I also have to figure out important things such as politics, religion.

I have decided there is going to be a Royal Family, and hence the currency is going to be Crowns and Scepters, with possibly the big currency going to be some sort of reflection of the Royalty standard. I haven’t decided which animal or magical beast that will be yet.

I started creating the map with three landmasses colliding over geological time, and creating mountain ranges and such. I looked at the wind and weather patterns of our planet and modeled them on what I had created, and modified it for the mountain ranges. This is important to me considering that air ship rely on certain wind patterns in certain seasons. The less steam power you can use, and the more wind power you can use, the cheaper it is to fly, and the more profitable the trade route.

When October hits I will begin to create the characters of my story. I have created, in my head, some awesome characters, however I need to remember they are not the lead characters of my story. I need the story to be about that couple over there, not about the air ship crew, or the villains, or the industrial hierarchy. I must maintain control over MY story, rather than let the characters run away with THEIR story.

So, now I must get back to work, re-learning HTML and finding a good desktop publishing program, and to do some exercises, like a 2 page tourist brochure  for a fictional penguin island tour.



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