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When the computer falls down… July 31, 2011

Posted by mattfarmer in writing.
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Something bad happened. My computer died. While I have a net-book which I can write with, and I did, my main desktop computer, died. Luckily the hard drive didn’t die, it was the graphics card, or the mother board. Something like that.

I have been a week and a half without my computer. Without real email, blog access, without… my computer!

I had a panic because during that time I had my second Copy writing coaching call. I did manage to get my net book working with my headset, and I attended. Was a good night, I have some homework to do, and a website to consider. Stuff 🙂

I never knew how much I would miss this machine when it crashed. I do back things up, I have a drop box and an external hard drive. But when it just suddenly stops? You don’t have a chance to back up anything.

And now it is back, I can’t get to my old emails, I can’t get to my old internet book marks. I had a plethora of writing sites bookmarked, and now I cannot get to them! I must remember to book mark this blog before I close down. I guess I will just have to spend time looking for writing websites again.

I don’t even have a word processor installed! Shocked? You should be!

I will take the next week or so to get myself back to where i was. Get my applications set up (Itune re-download… get the games working) and then back into it with more steam.

So, just saying hi. I had a tragic week, losing my old steady desktop. But now I have something shinier, if a lot emptier.



1. taureanw - July 31, 2011

That’s scary! I do my writing from both my laptop and sometimes our PC upstairs. I have 2 different flash drives that I save my work on, but I am still terrified that I will lose my work!!!

mattfarmer - August 1, 2011

I write from the home pc and my netbook, and I SAVE everything into a drop box, so its available elsewhere. But to have my home machine die? ANd I am still trying to recover now… I have lost so many useful bookmarks and emails, including some which are invoices.. right around tax time.

Such an annoyance.

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