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Insomniac Epiphanies July 2, 2011

Posted by mattfarmer in writing.
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I think that would be a great name for a band.

I have been sick all this week. The Flu Monstergrabbed me last Saturday. Sneezes, coughing, phlegm, a whole bottle of cough syrup, 2 tissue boxes. Oh my…

This sickness did 2 things to me during my sleep-time. It gave me real bad dreams, and lack of sleep…

After one not so nice dream about carnivorous moths devouring spiders, I woke up and was awake. Couldn’t breathe, couldn’t sleep. Yuck. So, as it does, the mind wandered around, thinking about this and that, and found its way through to the writing room in my brain, and started going over the last bits of my sci fi novel and the scraps and plot ideas for my steam punk book.

And woo hoo! It had a moment or three. My Sci Fi was stuck. I’m near the end, where everyone is in the same room, arguing. And I kept thinking – what a boring way to end that book. So, I figured out stuff to blow up, people to kill, and a good way to end it.

I then figured out some great ways to start my steam punk story. Motivations for my two leads to leave the Big Smoke while being chased by the bad guys, logical reasons for this and that.

Unfortunately I was in quarantine, spare room. I did not have my night pen (a pen which has an LED so you can write at night), and paper. So I had to madly type away on the iPod note book, with some interesting auto-corrects. It was good enough though. I finally have a better target to aim for in my Sci Fi, and now i wont stutter when November comes around, on how to get my steam punk moving along.

This is good. I was glad something productive came from my snot-filled hell.

Now to edit a novella, write a novel, watch basketball and win a carton of beer!


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