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And so it begins…. June 22, 2011

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I have heard many people bag Babylon 5 as a TV show. But I liked it…

Tonight was the first webinar/coaching call for my Copywriting Dream Team. This is going to be 12 months of coaching, homework, assignments, growing, learning and doing. I will be setting goals, agreeing to contracts, telling people I am going to do something, and then doing them because I told someone I was going to do them.

I am looking forward to this. I believe it is a positive step forward, it is me taking some control in my writing life and making it happen. When I say take control of my writing life, I do have control of my writing, but I mean more of the writing life which pays the bills.

I do write, and my writing life currently involves heated boardroom discussions on a hollowed out moon which is a Corporate Headquarters for the Evil Corporation; mapping lands and designing flying dirigibles and the anatomy of dragons; editing a novella for publication; writing witty repartee on facebook. oh ha ha ha ….

No, the writing life i want more control over is the paid variety. I want more copy writing. I know I am good at it, I just want more of it. I want to have more control of what I can write while at work. Currently it is a lot of- if you have further queries….

Being the first call there were things to set up and establish, things to admit to yourself, and to the group. The #1 thing I said I wanted to gain from this group, this year, from the coaching was to feel legitimate, to gain confidence in meeting people and clients, and writing to the strict guidelines of what a client wants, but to stretch my creative brain while doing this.

I think this is one thing I truly love about copy writing, that you can be creative, and have to be creative, but you are given strict guidelines, usually, in which to work. Your wild and crazy imagination is given a focus, is given direction. I think this is what I need. I know my mind can go in crazy places. Just the other day a fellow employee me told me he always enjoyed the strange places my train of thought took me. Last week it took me to stops including what parts of a dragon’s body would be useful.

So finding some rails to guide this crazy train of thought I actually find very productive, an efficient use of my energy if you will. The excess energy could power a light bulb 🙂

So, my homework for now is to buy a hard cover A4 note book for the Dream Team. This is going to be tricky. I am a stationary geek. Do you know how many AWESOME hard cover a4 books there are out there? Oh no! Matt, why did you not do your homework this month? I couldnt afford ALL THE BOOK! … tee hee

In this book I am going to write my goals, write down how much the course is costing me and then tick off each job I complete and then pay off my course.

There is some reading involved, some chapters from the copy writing manual sitting on the shelf over there, and to think of 2 good questions for next time.

Wow, what questions to ask….



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