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Copywriting Dream Team 2011 May 16, 2011

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I have just been on holiday for a couple of weeks, away from the shivering isle of Australia, in the warm tropics of Hawaii and the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland.

Before I went away I applied for the Australian School of Copy writing Dream Team 2011. Basically this is a 12 month program of intensive coaching, assignments, study, counseling etc, all to improve the multiple aspects involved with Copy writing. Not just the writing process, but getting clients, billing them, networking, critique etc.

The application process was a series of assignments. 5 headlines for a skydiving company, a website re-write and a magazine ad for a puppy school. While I was away I received an email saying I was successful with my application. *big smile*

This makes me very happy for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that I have applied for copy-writing jobs and have not been offered interviews basically because I don’t have the experience. By being accepted into this course, it shows that while I don’t have the experience, I do have the skills and talent to make it as a Copy writer. This is something I have believed for some time, I just have not had as much work, or any job really, to show this. So right now I am feeling validated? As a friend said to me when I told her – “So lovely to see that pride and happiness!

This makes me feel that I CAN do this. I am good enough to do this.


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