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Entering the Last Chapter, maybe… March 6, 2011

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An irregular update, I know. I have been slowly coming down with a flu-like thing. And now I have it and back on the way up. So this is a Sunday afternoon where I am kind of unwell, but am trying to write through it.

A friend has asked for my help in writing copy for a website he is building. I am going to use a different set of writing tools, one i don’t get to use as much as I like, but one I find enjoyable. Copywriting and subject specific copy writing. I often imagine having a decorated case or box or something, with different labels which house different writing tools. Or perhaps it could be like the Matrix, when Trinity asks for the ability to pilot the helicopter. A few moments later she has the tools needed. I can uninstall novel writing tool-set, and install Copywriting tool-set.

There would certainly be core lines of code familiar with both kinds of writing. An element of creativity and productivity, the BIOS of spelling and grammar and proper language use. But from there, the themes and flavours would be different. And, while I write this I am getting some cyber-punk-esque ideas, so excuse me while I write them down in my fresh new notebook…

… so I am back now. That was more a character than a story idea. Don’t know where I would use him or her. I haven’t got a cyberpunk story in mind at the moment. But he can sit in my bits box for call up when required.

There is a cafe across the road from my work which does great coffee. I must go there at least twice a day. And they make awesome muffins. Oh my.. muffins.. yum. I am a regular there, and they know my regular order. Last week I arrived early. I wanted to write, outside, on the street, nice vibe. One of the baristas said good morning, talked a bit, wants to read my novel when I’m finished, and then gave me the wireless net password.

From a customer service point of view, I loved this. They know I’ve been there buying coffee for a LONG time. And now, they’ve given something back to me. It has encouraged me to go there early more and more, to write for half an hour before work. To get some creative sanity into my brain before the daily grind. I will say this does make Facebook and Chat available, but at that hour of the day, no one is online anyway. But, it is automatically saving to Dropbox each time, which i appreciate.

I think I am on to the last chapter, but it is going to be an epic chapter. Fifteen pages in and they’re almost at the final confrontation. Perhaps a chapter for that alone, and then the ending chapter to tie off loose ends and leave those annoying threads which will enable me to revisit the verse with my familiar old characters at a later date if I feel the need.

The writing ha picked up a bit of speed. Still not as quick as I would like; still a bit of faffing around with conversation; still having awesome steam punk ideas which need to be looked at and acknowledged so I don’t forget them. But it is steady. If you manage to write at least half an hour a day before work, it is still a good thing.

It will be finished. Slowly but surely.!



1. aarongraham - March 6, 2011

ahhh, I’m jealous! To be on a first name basis with the coffee baristas and to be given the coveted “Wireless Password!”

I look forward to reading more of what you’ve done.

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