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The anti-procrastination checklist January 24, 2011

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I had a day off work today. In light of my last blog post, I am using this rostered day off to do some writing. I havent written a word of my novel yet, I might later, but so far I have written 4 concise synopsises for some short films, (synopsii?), I have been transcribing my notebook to my idea files so I can start a brand new note book for the new year. That will be worthy of it’s own post I believe.

And I have been putting more ideas down about my Steam punk verse. Fire-proof travel coats made from dragon hide, combing through the Cartographers Guild for inspiration for my world map, fawning over Nerf guns at ThinkGeek.

So, semi-not-quite-procrastination.

I follow Write On on Facebook. They offer quite a few good links and articles and such. The one that caught my recently was ‘Procrastination Solutions

The first point in this simple 3 point plan (For something anti-procrastination, you’d think she could put MORE solution points, so I could spend more time reading it!), is to make your computer distraction proof. Turn the wifi off, don’t log into  Facebook, all of that. I am lucky that my netbook has a function which turns all of that off. I actually found it accidentally a few months back. I panicked that my computer had lost the internet. I reset the wireless router, checked many places online as to why this may have happened. And then I discovered the Function F2, which turns wireless and blu-tooth off. HA! So, my blooper actually enables me to turn off the internet and chat sites. Not that many people chat to me online, but I always check. DISTRACTION!

Point 2 is Work Now, Reward Later! I am finding this the hardest of the three to stick to. Setting self-imposed deadlines, and having a reward when you meet them. I did this during Nanowrimo. I was going to reward myself when I hit 25k, but I hit that too quickly. So I rewarded myself when I hit 50k by purchasing a game – NBA 2k11. I do like my basketball. But oh man is that game technical! I was so proud that my TEAM scored 18 points in a game! And that was playing as the Jordan All-Stars! However, this is something I am going to work through February. Set myself a goal, work it, own it, and then reward myself with something. Something writerly. But what could it be? I wont waste brain time now thinking about it…

Point 3 is Write Something Else. I balked at this when I first read it. I am committed to getting a novel written. Write something else? Then two things I did think of.  Firstly, that I want to write and submit at least 1 short story per month. And secondly, why not write something different to give my brain some space away from the novel? Its starting to drag me down with the weight of expectation. So, getting away from it for a day or so, wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

So this week I have, sort of, ticked 2 boxes out of three, for the procrastination check list from Write On.



1. Debra Eckerling - January 25, 2011

Hi Matt,

Glad you found the post helpful. Thanks for linking.

Best of luck with your writing,

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