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A first for me and my writing… December 11, 2010

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I just wrote my first sex scene… for a novel. I’ve written a few before, but never in any novel that I have written.

I don’t usually write sex scenes. I don’t think I’m that good at writing them, not so confident with them I suppose. I think if someone read a sex scene, they would then reflect that back against the author and think – did he do that? Is that what he is like? Has he done these things before?

However, I wrote a sex scene. And I quite like it. It actually fitted in with my story, and was quite twisted and right for the characters involved. You hear about actors and nudity and they say if it fits the role then they would do it. Well, I’ve written 4 and a 3/4 books in this series, and there has been some romance, and a little bit of raunch, but no sex scenes. But this felt right for the situation. It was dark and twisted, and awesome to write.

And then I wonder – do people who normally write erotica, do they have a certain place they write it? A certain frame of mind they need to be in? Need to be wearing a certain item of clothing?

I wrote my sex scene in the food court where I work. In the twenty minutes before work, and then the half hour of my lunch break. Hardly the time or place to get into the mood, I must say. And THEN! I had to go back into the office and hope no one asked me what I was writing that day! That could have been awkward. And amusing at the same time – fight scene, sex scene, fight scene. 🙂

I have written just over 7 and a half thousand words since the end of November. I know I slow down after Nanowrimo, and I have other commitments. Christmas, birthdays, editing of other work. So I didnt expect to have a rip-snorting word count post Nanowrimo, so thats okay. The book seems to be heading towards 100k though. For a first draft, that impresses even me.

Right. Saturday morning, I have an hour and a half before I must go be a referee. So I shall write now.


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