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December 1st. The day after Nanowrimo December 1, 2010

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… and I haven’t finished the novel. Oh well. I can see ‘The End’ in sight, I’m just coasting along to it now.

I finished National Novel Month with 75 769 words, according to their validator. I had seven words less, so who knows. I’ll take their word for it. I cracked 50k real quickly, but the momentum did not last for 100k. Maybe one day I’ll hit that many words. Although, I wouldn’t write 100k words just for writing’s sake. If the story did not reach that many words, then I wouldn’t write it.

Case in point, last year I had written nearly 85k words, but decided the last bit I had tacked on didn’t fit and would make a better entrance for the next book, so cut the word count back to just under 80k There were gasps from people, since there are always Word Wars going on, Saskatoon, Nashville, Sydney, ALL of New Zealand. But, for the good of my story, I cut the words, and it felt good.

So this year, I had work drama, Metallica concert, a Roller Derby Grand Final (awesome), basketball, both playing and reffing, all taking time away from the writing. But, I did my normal trick of writing on the EEE PC on the train, and at lunchtime, and it worked.

Am I happy with the novel? Not as much as I would like. I had a vision of high drama and epic space battles. But I don’t think I got that. It felt flat around the middle, and the end I have started seems, even to me, to be a bit ridiculous. So, I am taking out a chunk of text and stuff, and am going to literally drop some of my characters, from sub-orbital heights – onto a house. Why not?

November went past far too quickly. I enjoy November. Ah well. SOon to have a new novel, rough and ready and in need of a HARD edit.

The end…. ?



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