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Nanowrimo, Day 9 November 9, 2010

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This implies I should have had days 1 through 8. I blogged daily one year, and it became far too distracting to write a novel AND blog daily. So now it is day 9, physically I am beat, and sleepy, ahead in the word count, so I figure I can give an update on where I am at.

Firstly, I am physically beat due to basketball, and possums using my roof as a mating ground. The writing hasn’t wrecked me at all.

At day 9 I sit at nigh on 38 000 words. That is over twice the minimum daily word count. So this is good. My strategy for Nanowrimo is always to get a head start for when you have days, like today, when you only manage 700 words. Or in a couple of weekends when my brother is down and we go to Metallica. Pretty sure not much writing will happen then.

Others have already crossed the 50k line. I know I will get there, and continue over, but I am in no rush to get there.

I am probably at the mid-point in my book at 40k. So here’s hoping I can hit 80k plus before the end.

The mid-point of my novel is going to contain much death and destruction. It was always going to, but now I have decided to kill some characters that people kind of know. These selfish boys finally do an act of heroics, just to get blown up. Awww…

I went to a write-in last Tuesday, on Melbourne Cup day. Its one of those uniquely Nanowrimo events where you get together with other people, and write, all in the same room. Never mind this solo act in front of the computer, this is social. With snacks. I did enjoy myself, got to meet some other writers, and ended up with two more face-book friends.

So, after a week of writing, I am on track to finish. I may not be totally on track to the major plot points I devised, but I am not so far off course that it’s falling down around me. The characters over there are not being as awestruck about the planet Earth as they are supposed to, and the characters over here are not suffering enough.

I will need to make them suffer. More.

Oh, and I rewarded a fellow writer with a box of chocolates because she put me into her novel. That’s another thing I like about Nanowrimo. You can challenge people with strange little things like that, and it work.s My brother challenged me to put a turtle into the book. Not a problem! Done. What else can I fit into my book?

This post is almost 500 words. That’s 500 words I could have used in my novel. I will now retreat to write.

I will try to update sooner.