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It is the day before Nanowrimo October 31, 2010

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.. and I am sure there are a thousand and one blogs around the world saying the same thing. Ah well.

So, a month of plotting and planning. And I surprised myself by not doing much. Planning book 5 in my series, I have discovered that the setting is already established. Where the story is going to, I already know. I already have the characters, the players in my game. I already know what I am going to do to them, where they are, who they are with.

So, all I am doing now is perusing for inspirational art. Pictures of space ships, cargo vessels, space stations and the like. Character portraits for NPC’s and walk-on roles.

And I am also gearing myself up for this crazy run. It is a strange feeling. I have gone 8 for 8 on Nanowrimo, and yet I still have this fear of- will I get enough time to write? Will I be inspired? Will it be enough inspiration?

But, added to all the pressure this year is ending my saga. I little sad I am. I have lived with these characters for so long, and now I will bring their story to an end. Oh, I know I can write sequels galore, but, yeah, it’s a bit sad. I know them so very well. I did write some shorter fiction for them. I took Jarred and Jasmine to an auction for a rare Earth Genuine history book. That was fun.

My November writing schedule will include having my net-book with me on the train to and from work, and a half hour write at lunch time. I plan on going to a Tuesday all-day write in (Melbourne Cup public holiday. Love it…) and I may drop by a cafe on a Sunday.

It is a uniquely Nanowrimo thing for me, writing with other people, in a group like that. No other time do I do this. I hear of 2 or 3 people meeting and writing together, but that just seems, strangely anti-social to me. The Nanowrimo meet-ups, it is a different vibe. While I take nanowrimo seriously, in that I want to produce a novel. I find the casual style of it, the groups etc, actually work for me. They are a little distracting, but that’s okay. There is an abundance of awesome snack foods as well.

I will aim to update weekly my progress and word count. I will post word count to twitter as well, each night.

I will reward myself for hitting halfway, and for completing the challenge. What those rewards are, I don’t know yet, but quite possibly game related. I do like to take my brain offline for a month after doing Nanowrimo.


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