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My Book Safari- Part 5 July 22, 2010

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It was nearing the end of the day. We had dinner plans, but there was one last stop to make!

The Haunted Bookstore!

…was closed, at 4pm on a Monday. That’s a shame.

So, there was just one last stop to make!

City Basement Books!

… was closed for renovations.


One last stop to make!

Minotaur! The Pop Culture Specialists. I love this store. I like that it is underground, so the inner geek does not fear coming out and squealing with joy. My wife was a little upset that we didn’t go to Minotaur first. Being the last stop, she had spent all her money elsewhere, when there were graphic novels to buy!

I was checking out some awesome Spec-Fic novels. The new releases intrigued me. There were some great paraphernalia, like lego Buffy The Vampire Slayer toys and other such oddities that would look great taking up space on the shelves. That, and a heavy breathing, cute plush Darth Vader. . . heh.. want.

This book store is not one where I feel comfortable browsing, I must say. I need to know what it is I want, before going in. There is so many graphic novels, I wouldnt know where to start to browse. And all the sci-fi DVD’s and fan-material in stock, a lot I don’t understand because I just never got on board those boats when they left the pier, again, I feel a little overwhelmed. And running my fingers over the spines of the many and varied sci-fi and fantasy novels is grand, but there are so many, which look so great, that again, I don’t know where to start.

And yet, it looks and feels like I’m inside a glorious toy box and I don’t have to tidy up once I have finished playing.

Despite not buying anything, it was a happy place to end my first ever book store safari. I had a great day, wandering around with the specific intention of looking at books and buying books. And it was cool to show the girls some book stores that I knew of. It was also great to see their faces when they found a great book they weren’t expecting. Or finding the book they wanted and were so happy with it.

There are more safaris planned. And I may even sport a pith helmet!



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