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My Book Store Safari – part 3 July 20, 2010

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The tram took us up to Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. I must confess, I do like this district. I have set stories in the back streets off Brunswick Street. It has a certain flavour and texture about it. Part indie, part artsy. There is some fantastic street art in the back streets around there.

There are also a few book stores along the street. If you follow the link above, you can actually see the store fronts!

Stop 3 on this safari was the Brunswick Street Bookstore. I do like this shop. It is clean, and quiet and has a nice, refined air about it. The ground floor is the usual array of genres, new books and best sellers, with some not-so new and boutique books on display in central tables. I did like their collection of rock and roll biographies and art books displayed. I liked to look, no intent on buying however.

Upstairs they have a small attic of purely design books, and I did particularly like this niche upstairs. Fashion books, design in advertising and so on. Movie design, I even found a fantastic comparative book on super heroes and the fashion industry.

There were chairs you can sit in and read, always a bonus point for me. Many times after sitting quietly and reading a book I am thinking about buying, I then buy it.

This was a quick stop only. The girls were more excited with the second hand book stores further up the street.

Alas, all three of us left the book store empty handed, although Awesome Kiwi Chick was tempted to buy a Margaret Atwood book – ‘Cats Eye’. The copy found in the Brunswick Street Bookstore was a large hardcover. Inconvenient to travel with.

Next stop- second hand book stores!




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