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My Book Safari Part 4 July 20, 2010

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Part 4 of my safari takes in 2 second-hand book stores on Brunswick Street, broken up by the mandatory coffee & Cake stop.

The fourth stop (part a) was a second-hand store – The Grubb Street Bookstore. This is what you want a second-hand book store to be. Cramped, crowded, book shelves leaning over and leering at you. They have books 2 & 3 of a trilogy, strange retro 70’s fashion books, cardboard boxes of books on the side-walk for $2 a book. Classic!

I found The Little Red Writing Book for $15. I have seen this book sold for as high as $40 in other book stores. So it joined my safari trophies.

The stay in this store was short-lived. Spanish donuts and coffee were calling to us.

After Spanish hot chocolate, spicy coffee and a vanilla slice, it was back out into the wilds of Brunswick Street for the Basilisk Book Store. This was a quiet little store. The front section deals mainly with non-fiction books. Following a passageway through to the back gives you a room full of fiction titles.

I had a quiet enjoyable time browsing. The mythology section was well stocked. This store claims – “Areas of specialisation include Anthropology, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as curious and unusual books, particularly Erotica, Esoterica, the Decadent and Bizarre.” (from their website)

And to this end they do have an excellent selection. I also grabbed picked up a book I am eager to read, from this store. ‘The Western Dreaming‘ . This is a book about modern western archetypes and stories which have woven their way into our life. As science fiction is a reflection of current society, I am hoping that by reading and digesting this book, my own writing will become stronger, with more power behind it. I think of all the books bought in the safari, this one excites me the most.

Awesome Kiwi Chick finally found the book she was after. ‘Cat’s Eye’, in paperback, so easy to carry. And it was the cheapest it had been all day. She is a cunning hunter, is my Awesome Kiwi Chick, but she is a succesful one.

My wife grabbed a book about the Salem Witch burnings- In The Devil’s Snare.

When we exited this store, the shadows were lengthening. I checked my watch and thought to myself- we can fit more book stores in to the day.

Back on the tram! back into the city!




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