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Working to Live July 6, 2010

Posted by mattfarmer in writing.
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I have not blogged in some time. I am not of the opinion that I should blog, whenever, and not talk about anything. Nor am I one to come here and say- hi, haven’t blogged, goodbye!

My goal, as is the goal of many people I know, friends and such like, is to be a writer who writes to live. I am already a writer, in that I write, however I am not afforded the luxury of being able to write all day for my living. This is a reality of life. And sadly, sometimes the reality of life can get in the way of my craft in a massive way.

I work in customer service. I will not say disparaging things about the customers I relate with. We are all, at one time or another, a customer, and I am sure I have given hell to the companies to whom I give my custom, at one time or another.

The past couple of weeks at work have been a drain. I have come home each night and wanting nothing but to put my head on the couch and watch television, to turn the brain off. It has been solid, busy and full of angry people with “issues”. And it has impacted upon my craft, my creativity.

Excuse? Well, maybe. I tried to write a couple of times, and was just mentally to tired. What I wrote was awful, and I binned it. And then about four or five days ago I stopped trying to write. I just let my head be full, be tired, and just be. The pressure I took off myself not to write, has actually been good for me.

This isn’t to say I haven’t been working, or thinking creatively. I have edited two things and splashed around in a web site.

One thing that came to me during my self-imposed writing ban/relax.  I was watching The Unit. I like this show. It satisfies my masculine need for macho and guns. One of the characters died for ‘the cause’. The man he died for wanted to know something about him. The answer? ‘He liked ice in his beer’.

I loved that tiny snippet of something. It gave me so much colour for his character. Something so small, and yet so unique to this one person. It made me look back at the characters I have in my book and think- what small quirks do they have? And admittedly they have them. Martin even has habit of always wanting to drink the local beer. Working these tags about character into a story… how to show and not tell? Interesting.

So, the crazy has stopped at work, for the moment. I predict it will pick up come Thursday and Friday. I have finished summarizing scenes and grouped them into my 7 main groups. I am about ready to draw lines between the dots, to create a better picture. Its strange. Same book, but still nervous to write it.



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