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2 blog shout outs May 19, 2010

Posted by mattfarmer in writing.
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This is a quick shout out to a couple of blogs I found this week and am now following.

Open Book is a blog about book stores in Melbourne. Its a concept I never really thought of. There is a book store in the shopping mall I work in, there is online book stores, and not much else in my scope. So to see a blog about book stores, and the different kinds out there. Go have a look.

The second blog I have found is the Clarion Blog. I love this concept, 6 weeks of short story writing camp, with established writers and authors and legends in the genre. I applied for the two Clarion South’s so far held in Australia. My first application was rejected, and rightfully so, in hind sight. My second application made it to the short list before, it too, was rejected. Again, I can see why, but darn it! I would so have loved to have gone.

So for now, I will keep up on both blogs, and keep plugging away.

I have had my manuscript assessed and a 6 page report sent back to me. I will discuss this shortly when I have digested it and come up with a battle plan.



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