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My Writing Hat April 8, 2010

Posted by mattfarmer in writing.
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I mentioned in my blog back here that I have a writing hat. It is my purple and orange jesters hat, with bells. When people who know I am a writer see me wearing this hat, they know I am writing. You could call it my ‘do not disturb’ sign, although seeing someone in a cafe wearing this hat, you may think they already are disturbed.

Now, I had lost this hat, or rather, misplaced it. It was not where the rest of my hats were. This bugged me for some time, until last night I was quite frantic. I announced on Facebook I had lost my writing hat, and set out to find it. Almost an hour of determined moving of things, I found it. I was quite ecstatic!

I declared to Facebook I had found my writing hat, and then wrote for a good 2 hours.

I find myself in an amusing predicament here. I know that it is me, the person, who is the writer. It is I who has to turn up to the page and create. There are no gimmicks, magic spells or items that will make me wwrite. I, the person, the creator, is the one who will write.

And yet, purely because I found my writing hat, I celebrated this fact by writing. I have not, and will not, study this too closely, what attachment I have to this hat, or why it drives me. For the moment, I am just happy I have found the hat, and if it prompts me to write, then it cannot be a bad thing.

And, as a side note. The stuff I wrote while wearing my hat? Unlike my last post, I did not delete any of it. Oh, only the bit where my character thought about her predicament. I deleted that and made her talk about it with someone else. While doing a kickboxing workout. Move the dialogue with action.

I was happy.



1. Ali - April 9, 2010

Yay for finding the hat!

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