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Writers block + Procrastination April 2, 2010

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I have not been here in a while. As the title states, I have had a heady mix of writer’s block and procrastination. Struggled to write my own work, had to push myself to do some freelance work, and as such, felt i had nothing to contribute here.

I have had some awesome sinus issues of late. Pain right between the eyes, or behind the eyeballs. I have rodents in my walls, either rats or possums, or both. Scratching and running through the roof cavity, keeping me awake, not letting me get any sleep.

I did try to write during all this. During Nanowrimo there is this sense of wondrous abandon – you write, and even if it sucks, you keep writing and come back later! At the moment, I don’t have that. I am writing and looking at all I write and wondering is it good enough? I wrote a passage, hated it, deleted and started again. Did this three or four times, and the passage was barely one page long. I then gave up, tired, or in pain, miserable, and did no writing.

Through all of that, or perhaps because of it, I have felt I had nothing to contribute here, so I have not been writing here. Catch 22? Or a vicious circle? I don’t know. I did decide, in the end, that everyone goes through these stages. Everyone goes through writer’s block, or just cannot get it into gear to work, to play, or to create.

And this is all a part of the journey that is a writer. I am, currently, not paid to be a writer. It is something that I love to do, enjoy doing and enjoy sharing. But sometimes, you just cant do it. The nine to five day just sucks the energy out of you. Evil furry creatures in the walls keep you up all night and drain you the next day.

It can happen. I don’t like it. I would like to be able to take days off to write and be productive, but I understand that this isn’t happening, at the moment.

So here I am, very little in the way of writing done in the past couple of weeks. I do feel bad and guilty, but I am writing today. So there’s a thing. I have done a daily 750 words, come here to get back on this horse, and now I will go and write my characters from point A to point B, and not re-write it.

Amusingly, this morning there was an update from Tribal Writer – Ten hard lessons about breaking through writers block. Teasingly, she has only included the first 4.

I like number 4- mix it up. So, tomorrow I am taking my laptop somewhere to write. Mix it up. I would do it today, but being Good Friday, there is nothing open.

My tip for writer’s block is to move. Go for a walk, jump up and down, get the body active, heart pumping, get more oxygen flowing through your blood and into your brain. It has worked for me previously.

I also like the tip to Chunk it Up. I am going to do some of that now.



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