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750 Words March 18, 2010

Posted by mattfarmer in writing.
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There is an exercise contained in the Artists Way called The Morning Pages, one of the basic tools of being creative. This is where you write 3 pages, stream of consciousness, every morning, to unplug and un-clutter your mind, to free up the best parts of your creative self. Get the flotsam out of the way of the good stuff.

I have personally found this to be very helpful. There is always SOMETHING your mind wants to say,  it wants you to check this, see that, go here, play that. So I write down what is bothering me, what has annoyed me. Get it off my chest, so to speak, and then on to writing.

While on my way home tonight from work, reading the free newspaper, there was an article about a website – 750 words. The author of this site admits he was inspired by The Artists Way, and has now built this site where you can log in, write your 750 words, and then move on to better things with your day.

IT is private, it does not publicise anything, but it does keep a word count, reward you for doing it every day, it challenges you.

I am now going to do this before each writing session.



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