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#amwriting about twitter on my blog March 17, 2010

Posted by mattfarmer in writing.
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I have been absent. I have been writing, but not creative stuff. Have picked up a copy writing gig for a website. A different kind of writing, which I like. I like the more rigid structure of a client, and the space of a web page. Keeps my writing muscle exercising differently.

About Twitter. One of the arenas mentioned for the Author Platform is Twitter. Instantly tell people you have a new blog entry. Give random or deep thoughts about writing. Update followers that you are actually writing, or why you are not writing. I can see the appeal of instant access to many people, to followers. But I must admit, I do get overwhelmed by it.

A friend was guiding me through the searches on Twitter. Hash tags, lists, trending topics, re-tweets and such. It is the reason I have hash-tagged the title of this blog. I have set my blog up to automatically go to twitter. And from what I understand, I am able to have Twitter automatically update Facebook? This all sounds pretty good. But I am also a little bit intimidated by this.

I read a writer’s blog some time ago, who it was, I can not remember. He said that authors should not have blogs, or live journals, updating their every move, because they will spend more time writing in the blog, responding to comments and checking stats and making sure they are out there, than they would writing their creative stuff.

Now, while I can understand the need for blogs to establish an online presence, the nostalgic part of me does side with this author somewhat. I would like to write, and have at it. Write my stories, my shorts, my novels, and that be that. It would be nice.

However, I am not so naive that I can not see the benefit to all this would give me. To engage with my audience, to let you know I am still writing and still plodding along that path to being an author.

I finished Chapter 1, by the way, of my fifth novel. Last week. In case you were interested.

I am slowly understanding that Twitter is a place to find other writers and authors, other people interested in finding authors. I have found werewolves and vampires on there. I found some writers, and followed them. And a novel tweeter, who accepted and followed me with a sharp piece of what looks like detective prose. I liked that.

So now I have another commitment to add to my list. To commit to saying something on Twitter, even if it is just a hello. Lets see how I go with that.



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