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Where do your ideas come from? March 9, 2010

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This is a question for which there is no correct answer. Listening to a song, reading a book, watching movies. All are great seeds for ideas.  I have also heard doing physical exercise is great for sparking ideas. Something about increasing blood flow to the brain.

While going for a walk yesterday I solved one of my biggest problems in my Steampunk world. I am creating a magic steam punk world, however I was not so sure on how I would successfully merge magic and my steam-punk items. I have this idea for a gun that fires magic bullets. I was inspired by Hellboy’s gun The Good Samaritan (Could not find a good link for that). I wanted a gun that fired spells, such as fireball. I have ideas for other steam punk gadgets, but this was the first idea, the first problem that needed to be solved.

So, walking home, just thinking on this idea, and it came to me. I know the exact place on the road where I SOLVED my dilemma. The last downhill part of my walk before I get home, just up from the tennis club, before I cross the road to a traffic island where there is a gum tree.

I shan’t tell you of my solution. That would take away the mystery from my stories. However I just love how the idea CAME to me. It would be a great thing if these moments could be consciously manifested, if there was a way you could make them happen.

I have heard some authors have a way to make their ideas manifest. Meditation, exercise, certain kinds of music, a particular place. I believe this will be something else I will need to discover for myself. First, the habit, then the health benefits, and then the process of ideas.

You can not wait for the Eureka moment. You need to make it happen.


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