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Week 4 – The Writer’s Platform & A writing excercise February 25, 2010

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I have begun this blog because I have read so much positive and encouraging words regarding the Writer’s Platform. The first place I heard about this concept was here – Tribal Writer. Justine Lee Musk has said other things regarding this topic, including a guide to getting on to Twitter. These are articles and concepts I am still trying to digest.

I further investigated this concept through the Creative Penn, by author Joanna Penn, and in particular this article.

This is all new territory for me. I have written for years, in the classical style of the author, alone at his desk. I have hand written stories, messed around with a type writer, and finally I now have a desktop and a fantastic little net-book to carry around with me. The first time I ever encountered a writing community was the National Novel Writing Month. I had always been told to join a writing group, and beside a failed attempt post-university to meet up weekly at a pub, this was the first time.

The people I have met through Nanowrimo have been fantastic, creative, scary and absurd. All the things you would expect in a creative melting pot. They were also supportive and encouraging.

So, 8 years of Nanowrimo, and 8 completed novels, it is only now that I am venturing into the world of the online. I will admit to being shy. However, nothing ventured, as they say in the classics. So here I have my blog. I have a twitter, and am setting up my Facebook presence.

I did read somewhere, some time ago, that an author should not have an online blog, as it would take away time from their creative writing. We will see. This is an experiment by me, after all.

Writing group last night. We did talk a lot about this concept of the Writer’s Platform, hence my thoughts above. And when it came time for setting the writing exercise for the week no one had any suggestions, and went to bed without one. THis left me with the joy of setting it for them, with just my input.

I have a few websites I have tagged as great resources for inspiration and creativity. I have found the forums of rpg.net to be absolute gold mines. Roleplaying is such a creative pursuit, collective storytelling with characters not controlled by you. And the people on that site are always looking for creative ways to improve their games.

The 7th Sanctum is also a great place to spark something.

I also enjoy grabbing portraits and artwork from Deviant Art and Elfwood.

For the excercise this week, I grabbed a phrase from a thread in the RPG forums:

“J.D. Salinger’s final, unpublished manuscript was uncovered last week, and Limited Edition – a Seattle auction house – will be hosting the sale of rights.”

I then selected 8 pictures of characters from my folders, various people from various genres, and challenged the group to do one of two things- put their own character, from their verse, as per the other assignments, at the auction, and include at least 2 of the provided characters; OR, use one of the characters as POV, and then at least 2 others, at the same auction.

I will report how I go with the assignment later.