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Fitting promises around life February 17, 2010

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I have stated I will commit to writing Tuesdays and Thursdays, and my short stories on Sundays. This is a commitment I am making to myself, however, it is written here in black and white, so I have let you all know of it.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day. I had a lunch and movie date, so no writing was done. But I am okay with this. I don’t feel worked up and stressed that I did not write. I have since made up for it tonight with my Short Story class homework, but still, I was okay with not writing on Sunday.

I visited a book store and read some inspiring things about writing, copy writing as well. And I also saw a great film- The Hurt Locker. As I said in a previous post about inspiration from reading, I also find inspiration from films and television. Everyone does. I always try to take something away from a film, or a book, that I use to improve myself.

What I took from this film was the awesome focus on character. Talking about the film afterwards, we agreed that if this was a big budget film, there would have been a Big Bad, a villain with a face, and the end of the movie would be the Bad Guy being killed, and the American bomb disposal team winning the day.

The fact this does not happen, was fantastic for me. Of course, SOMETHING happens, you see the heroic journey of the main character travel full circle, but that the movie was all about this flawed man, and not about chasing down bad guys and conspiracies, was utterly brilliant.

I also did not write Tuesday night. Again, I am okay with this.

Wednesday has come around, and it is the night of my writing group. I have written a nigh-on 1000 word emotional rant at my main character, attacking his relationship with a known pirate. It is great how well dialogue and a scene can flow out of you when it is really driven by emotion. Directing anger at someone, no matter how small the thing you are angry about, and the work just pours out of you.

I will speak about emotion and writing at another time. However, I have managed to fit at least one of my commitments into my life, if indeed I had to squeeze it in. But, until I am a paid writer, a professional writer in whatever form that takes, I will, by necessity, have to squeeze writing around life. It is what we all do. I am just trying to show life that yes, Life happens, but I will carve some time our for my writing work.



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