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Commitments to writing February 11, 2010

Posted by mattfarmer in Writing Group.
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As I said in my introduction, I host, run, participate in a weekly writing group. It was the second week of the year last night. The first week, last week, went well. Introductions, hopes and wishes for the year. The writing assignment in week one was to take a heroic main character and show them doing something “bad”. And then take one of your villains and show them doing something “good”. You had to use some already established characters you have written about.

It gave me some depth to characters I had already thought I knew. Who knew that one of the Board of Directors actually liked to bake cookies with his mum?

So this week we discussed commitments to writing; promises you make to yourself to say- I am going to write. For me it is a case of Tuesday and Thursday nights will be dedicated to writing established work, be they novels, or working on short story re-writes, or writing this blog. And Sundays will be for my weekly writing homework from the writing group. Monday is basketball, Wednesday is writing group, and the weekend is the weekend

This isn’t to say that writing outside these planned writing times is not allowed. Far from it! You can write anytime! I plan to write more on the train into work, once I get my novel back up and running. I discovered I wrote more on the train to and from work, and during my half hour lunch break, than I did at home after work.

Back to the writing group. When discussing a writing assignment, it was decided to continue looking at already established characters some more, to write around them and see what we could see about them.

So this week the assignment was to look at the main character in your story, and then look just to the side of them, or just behind them. See a minor character who is not the main character. Then, have that minor character absolutely lose it. Get angry, rant, swear curse and just go nuts at the main character. See  what it is like from the point of view of someone who isn’t in the spotlight, but is really ticked off at the lead.

Already I like that the group wants to write, and has a say in what they want to write about. I enjoy being with people who want to write. I now have to find someone who is pissed off at Jarred.

But who could possibly be angry at him? He is the hero! He has been through adversity and heart ache and he is a nice guy and everyone loves him. Don’t they?



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